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  1. Ater

    FFA Swiss-Cheese-ish 2018-03-10

    A map with less premade space, more opportunities to build dungeons. Inspired by the original dk2 map Swiss Cheese, even though its not even near similar. Check updates for images.
  2. Ater

    1v1 Elemental Balance v1

    A map I've made in hopes of it being a fair, drawn out duel, with many ways to make an approach, and artifacts to gather. Its main theme being a fire and ice-ish setup with an obsidian middle ground to destroy, and unleash havoc. Screenshots: Any feedback is appreciated! Hope you...
  3. Erke

    Help! Fog of War + Artifacts

    Hello, I'm working on a map right now, but when I try the map, the whole map is revealed and darkened with fog of war, but I want to make it go pure black. I can't seem to find a related option in the editor, am I missing a step while creating a skirmish? I believe because of this issue, the...
  4. sunyudai

    HoG Campaign #2 - Roadblock in patch 1.4.2

    I'm working on the HoG Roadblock achievement, and prior to this patch I was easily able to get the first two shrines unlocked and popped before the Heroes pass my base. Now that the patch is out, I'm hitting an issue. The artifacts went from taking ~20 seconds to pop to taking ~ 2 minutes to...
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