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  1. Slichizard

    Story Driven Campaign True Mystical Journey v1

    As featured in November 2018's Community Spotlight. You are fresh Underlord named Tayriel who was summoned by Chaos Lord himself for his plan to train the Ultimate Underlord. Fight against other Underlords and learn new skills and tricks which will help you progress further. Prove Chaos Lord...
  2. Noontide

    Story Driven Campaign Master of Possession v3

    A Custom Campaign featured in the October 2018 Community Spotlight which focusses on possession gameplay. Each level is has a bespoke script and forces the player to uutilise possession to the best of their ability. With varied, interesting and challenging levels this campaign must be...
  3. Slichizard

    Campaign Mystical Journey Version 1.3

    This is a Single Player Campaign, intended to be played via Skirmish. I will provide information about starting position, AI for your opponents and Team Alliances. Campaign will use mutators, restricting certain aspects of the game. Use your wits and progress to next levels. It's strongly...
  4. B


    I'm new to this forum, and I really only signed up to ask this question... What's with the original campaign's ending? Did I miss something? Is there more to it that I missed? Why does Heart of Gold seem to ignore that ending? Does it really end with Mendechaus's betrayal? Or is there more...
  5. sunyudai

    Campaign - Korvek's Awakening

    I know, I know. An entire campaign is kind of too big a deal to really put in a suggestion box. I'm putting it in anyway because I believe it's cool, not because I really think that there is any chance of it happening. That said, I'd buy it. So of course, feel free to use any or all of this, or...
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