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  1. SeriousToni

    vs. Underlords Taking back 1.0

    Four Underlords rise in this realm - each one trying to be the only ruler here. You are one of them. But while you choose your strategy, letting them defeat theirselves or crushing them one by one, there is also the Empire trying to take back this land from you. Their Lord of the land has send...
  2. Ater

    1v1 Elemental Balance v1

    A map I've made in hopes of it being a fair, drawn out duel, with many ways to make an approach, and artifacts to gather. Its main theme being a fire and ice-ish setup with an obsidian middle ground to destroy, and unleash havoc. Screenshots: Any feedback is appreciated! Hope you...
  3. T

    Sandbox Acara the "Empire's Library" 2017-12-23

    Underlord, we have found Acara the "Empire's Library" and not only that but also four shrines toward the east, the south east, to the north east, sadly though the last one remains elusive to me as it appears that there's a cavern to the very north that houses the "Mothers of Magic" they were the...
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