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  1. Peetfighter

    List of feedback War for the Overworld campaign 1.6

    Hello to the few people who still roam this forum nowadays and more importantly the developers who made this game possible! It has been close to 5 years that I own and play War for the Overworld and most of my playtime went to the QA testing I did for a year. That means playing the game just to...
  2. Z

    Game feedback

    First, I'd like to state that I'm going to be as concise as possible. If my post appears to be overly criticizing it's not because I think the game is bad, it's because I'll only touch the points I want to discuss. You can safely assume I'm fine with everything else. General I think the game is...
  3. Z

    Home Realm

    I have played it just now, and have some things to discuss. First of all, why is it so limited? The higher tier aspects from the Veins of Evil are locked. The map is pretty small. There are no shrines at all. The invasion party consists mostly of sappers, and therefore isn't a real challenge...
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