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  1. Blackhand

    Few interface ideas - prison, creature tab, level selection screen in My Pet Dungeon

    First of all - hello everyone :). As you may have guessed, I have some ideas for some minor interface improvements :). 1. Prison - Why this room doesn't have toggle prop? It really could use one (it's surprising because such function existed in both Dungeon Keeper games). I know I can surround...
  2. Ontos

    A handy map search! Filter and search string for the title.

    Now in the game (in the game against the AI, in multiplayer, the map editor is everywhere) to look for maps possible only with the swipe. Watch the video. I suggest: 1) Add columns to an existing filter. That is, the columns "Name", "Size", "Author" filter appears, from A to Z or Vice versa...
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