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  1. sunyudai

    Eight Alternative Map-mode Shrines (Home Realm / Survival / Campaign)

    The Problem: A lot of us like the Home Realm and survival modes, but feel like it would be awesome to create our own. The Proposal: Much of the special functionality of these modes come from a few key features, that can effectively be modeled as Shrines, which could then be easily placed in...
  2. sunyudai

    Map Editor - Various Improvements

    The Problems: The map editor is amazing, something that I truly appreciate. But, it has some minor organizational issues that are compounded by poor tool-tips on the map editor items. For example, Water and Lava appear under normal terrain, but the themed variants appear under the special...
  3. InvadersMustDie

    [Shrine] Eternal Clock

    I haven't seen yet shrine nor spell with ability to freeze all creatures and, what is more important, Underlords, so I've come up with my own one. I hope that, since it's a shrine, it makes it "not op" enough, to be even considered as feature to be added :) Shrine Name: Eternal Clock Function...
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