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underlord creature

  1. Kiaseth

    Pixie (Fairy)

    Please, please, please include fairies. [Imperial Creature] or [Neutral Creature]. Neutral would be acceptable as well, since in WFTO the Imperial forces are rather a nasty piece of work, whereas in Dungeon Keeper the upper-worlders were sweet, peaceful, civilisation, living in perfect harmony...
  2. sunyudai

    Leech Hive & Leech (Localized collector of things to aid your imps)

    The Problem: One of the great limitations in the game is work - specifically the fact that you have a very limited number of imps, and a lot of work for them to do. Certain kinds of jobs, such as the delivery of corpses and prisoners, tend to happen in a specific location while Imps tend to...
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