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vs empire

  1. Noontide

    Collection The Top 20! v1

    This is a collection of the Top 20 Most Subscribed maps from the Steam Workshop as of June 2017. Get your hands on the maps that everyone wants! Singleplayer Maps: The Fortress of Baldiak v1.5 Sovengarde Underhall (Shrine Fix) Turncoats Moonbrush Wood Blaise End Fort Mira Dwarven Fortress The...
  2. Slichizard

    Campaign Mystical Journey Version 1.3

    This is a Single Player Campaign, intended to be played via Skirmish. I will provide information about starting position, AI for your opponents and Team Alliances. Campaign will use mutators, restricting certain aspects of the game. Use your wits and progress to next levels. It's strongly...
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