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3rd WFTO Tournament

Aug 18, 2015

Everyone is welcome, don't expect only high level players, the goal is getting many PvP matches going and have fun playing. And that's exactly what Stage 1 is all about.


The Tournament will last around 2 month (if needed a bit longer, I want to give everyone a fair change. Time shouldn't be a problem)
  • Register Time: 05.07.2018 - 19.07.2018
  • Stage 1: 20.07.2018 - 19.08.2018
  • Stage 2: 19.08.2018 - 31.08.2018


  • Just tell me via Steam or Discord, just look for a guys called Biervampir [AUT] or a Korvek :p
  • Or resgister on challonge and sign up that way (if you do, you can set your wins yourselfe)
Stage 1:
  • You have to fight every player once.
  • As more wins you earn as more likly it is, that you will continue.
  • When you do not respond within 5 days, you lose that match (just text me, that you wrote that guy)
  • You have to win 2 times to against 1 opponent
Stage 2:
  • 8 People (or more?) will continue
  • You have to win 2 times against 1 opponent to continue
  • if you should lose 2 times against an opponent you are out


Golden Worker Skin
I still need to talk to Noontide and Simburgur what will be added there too (but their will more then just the Worker Skin)


There are NO RULES, you have to arange rules with your opponent if you want some.

Recommandations (you can instint on that, if you can't get to a conclution)
- After Match 1, switch Host, if possible
- after Match 1 & 2 you can ask someone to host for you to make it more fair
- No Custom Maps (unless its a recreation of a 2 Player map, to make it possible that a 3rd Player (host) can join and stay afk)
- Each player chooses 3 Maps he wants to play and and the opponent can ban 2 of them

Map recommendations:
- Abyss
- Apex
- Caldera
- Circle of Serpents
- Firelands
- Firepits
- Golden Rifer
- Lavafall
- Loose Ground
- Magma Chamber
- Mask of the Betrayer
- Mira's Fortress
- Outcast Mountain
- Sacrileg
- Styx

[4 Player]
- Catacombs
- Chokepoints
- Desolation
- Doom
- Fire Chasm
- Flower
- Frostbite
- Geyser
- Hunting Ground
- Populance
- Scorch
- Split Personalities
- Wetwork


1. extremly fast camera movement, everything is damn dark for client
-> host need to verify his game chache
2. Ghost units
-> ignor them, they will disapear after a while
3. Infernal Urn doesn't attack for client
-> it does attack, the attack VFX doesn't show up
4. Banshees won't summon just locks mana for client
-> They get summoned, but the summoning animation wont show for client
5. Titan is outside the map and other Titan related bugs for client
-> It just shows up for you that he is outside the map, he will soon appear at your dungeon.
-> Your camera will pan to the left corner of the map, just click on the minimap or press space
-> You hear 3 times that a titan got summond. Dont worry, just ignor it
-> You cant summon another Titan -> rehost

Do me a favor and report all of them, when you encaunter it!
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