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A Couple Ideas for the Map Editor

Aug 17, 2016
1. Have a play mode that allows the map to be play tested, with no Fog of War-to see what is going on all over the map--especially for 4 player skirmish maps-without having to make that Mutator change on the exported map-then reload it, and change it back. It might even be useful to have it work to play test a 4 player map with all AIs, and no player input--a completely observer mode, with perhaps the map maker having some control to fine tune things as it progresses.
2. A better method to change the name of a map. I would like to be able to create a map, say with "test-date", then give it another name when it is eventually posted. I keep running into having to import a map, try to give it a unique name that I haven't already used. A "Save As" function would be most useful.
4. Again, I ask that it be possible to have some way to exit a map, and go into a new map, without having to completely exit the editor and start over.
Apr 28, 2014
I like your Ideas, and some are quite obvious, so I would support them if asked.

Really, i like all of them as theyre really good (and quite basic) comfort features, and not having them feels quite uncomfortable.

I especially like point 3, by the way :-D


Dwarven Worker
Apr 19, 2017
1) Making a specific mutatory more accessible than others isn't a huge priority. (But I definitely see why it is so attractive)
2) Agreed.
3) Agreed.
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