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A game that needs more love. Your love(Solium Infernum)

Dec 29, 2012
To rule is worth ambition.

The Prince of Darkness has vanished and the Infernal Throne sits empty. A conclave of the Powers and Potentates of Hell will be summoned to Pandemonium to select the next ruler of The Infernal Pit. Do you have what it takes to claim the throne and rule Hell?

Solium Infernum is a turn based strategy game where you play an archfiend vying for control of Hell. You should already be sold, but I'll continue. Or I'll try, there's not really any justice I can do the game. It's just incredible. The most important thing here is that this is a diplomacy game, not a war game. Hell is run by an infernal bureaucracy, and that means there are rules. You can't just declare war on anyone at any time, you need permission. To get permission, you need a vendetta, and to get a vendetta, you need an excuse. So you have to make a demand, or hurl an insult. Every single turn in the game is super important, and not a single move can be wasted. This is game about scheming, and plotting. It even encourages communication between players, and it especially encourages lying through your teeth. Like I said, I can't do this game justice, so just check it out.

My only criticisms are that the games UI is a bit user unfriendly, and the AI sucks. Ultimately, the single player is only good for practice, and figuring out the mechanics.

You can get the game here (warning, the demo isn't the best, as it's to short to see your machinations come to life.)
You can also read the AMAZING AAR of the game by RPS here. (I highly recommend it. Not only does it give you a lot of insight into the game, it's also incredibly entertaining! Do keep in mind, that patches and an expansion have changed things up a bit, so it isn't a perfect representation of the current game, but it's nearly identical. The current game is more balanced, and has more features.)

I felt it was relevant, as you do play an evil villain. This is a game where you play the badguy, and you feel like the badguy. It needs a lot more love, and a bigger community would help a lot. I promise, it's unlike any game you've ever played. The flavor text is also badass. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please do give it a chance. It really is a special game.
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Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
Looks like something i could enjoy but its understandable nobody really says anything looking at screens with statistcis etc. all the time isnt something many people can enjoy.

thanks for posting im gonna look into it :)
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