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A handy map search! Filter and search string for the title.

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Apr 4, 2015
Now in the game (in the game against the AI, in multiplayer, the map editor is everywhere) to look for maps possible only with the swipe. Watch the video.

I suggest:

1) Add columns to an existing filter. That is, the columns "Name", "Size", "Author" filter appears, from A to Z or Vice versa, and the size - from smallest to larger, or vice versa. The size is calculate by multiplying the longest width so 60 * 70 more than 30 * 120.
Note. The title maps are not only available in English. If it would be difficult to build a sequence with the alphabets, see the sentence under number 3.

2) Add the column "date of download". The date that was loaded map. For example, the official map downloaded with the first install of the game, they are the first. This will make it easier to find recently downloaded custom maps. Also need a filter.

3) Add the column "Name of map" search by title, ie search bar, preferably with a hot search
(when the options appear as you type).

Now many active players from time to time and remove the downloaded custom maps - because if maps a lot, they are hard to find! I hope the benefits of my suggestions are obvious to all, and realize they are not too difficult.
I read that soon the work on the development of the game to end, I hope I have time with his proposal to make the interface maps selection really comfortable.


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