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A.I skirmish personalities

Aug 23, 2017
United Kingdom
Hi I'm a new player who's recently completed the campaign and read the side banner ingame for feedback.

Some most fun I had was near the end of the campaign listening to all the other dungeon overlords converse with each other in one of the missions.

I would like it a lot that could be brought to some degree into skirmish mode as an option at least for the different dungeon cores to have some voiced lines.

A bit like how the advisor sometimes randomly says funny lines.

The best example of such a thing implemented into another game that I've ever played would probably be the Stronghold Series by Firefly Studios, particularly Stronghold Crusader, they'd have personalities not only with their playstyles but with reactions.

So basically, Rhaskos, Mira, Korvek, Kasita etc... and any more that might be added, it would mostly be them taunting you when they're about to attack, complaining when you're attack them, panicking when you're destroying their dungeon core, gloating when they're destroying yours and such.

Recognising when certain other dungeon core personalities are in the game and doing exchanges with them and other things.

With enough different lines just to randomise it a bit.

I just feel it would give the single player skirmish mode a bit more personality for when you have no campaign missions left to complete and give it a bit more of a fun vibe.

Thanks for reading.
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Aug 18, 2015
The AI talkes in MP (just ingame chat) and they will hopefully fix that issue that they all think they are steven fright :p
Eitherway, all Skirmish AI work pretty similar right now, but with the next big update, they will Overhaul the AI.
So perhaps they won't talk (perhaps they will, but that's unlikly I guess), but they will have different chat lines for sure.
Feb 9, 2012
This idea may sound good on paper but honestly I think having the A.I's converse throughout every skirmish would get kind of annoying after a while.

Also (maybe a bit unrelated) I can't be the only one who doesn't like Draven's voice acting.
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