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Activate spell (AKA the "too lazy to wake up my Sentinels one by one" spell)

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What do you want, and why?
I'd like to see a quicker, easier way of activating secondary features or toggling modes of defenses. This mostly stems from the fact that my "kill everything" strategy in most longer skirmish matches seems to inevitably devolve into something like this:

1. prepare a way to quickly level up many units to level seven or so;
2. dig out a 15x7 room and claim it;
3. fill the entire room with Sentinels;
4. cast assembly a couple of times;
5. activate about half the Sentinels, then decide that you can't be bothered activating the rest;
6. level the Sentinels;
7. send them to an early grave and hope for the best.

There are a couple of obvious problems here. First, if anyone decides to build over a hundred Sentinels, the match has gone on for far too long. Second, the vault-to-dungeon ratio of the player is far too high if they can easily finance the creation of that many Sentinels. And third, if said player wastes a quarter million gold on Sentinels they're too lazy to actually put to good use, we probably need a way to make activating large numbers of the things easier. Enter Activate.

The original idea was to have a ritual of Awakening that would activate all Sentinels owned by the player, but I decided that'd a little too specialized. And I couldn't find the template for rituals. So instead, I've made it into a spell and tweaked the concept to make it do more stuff. And since I've gone through the effort of filling in the spell template...

The part about the spell
Highlight: Activates secondary functions of your defenses. Primarily for people that want to easily toggle large numbers of defenses at once.

Vein: Defensive. Since it kind of... requires defenses... Can we have this unlock with the Foundry?
Type: Incorporeal (for those literal edge cases)
Effect: Causes all defenses (except gargoyles) owned by the caster to do whatever they do when clicked. Bombards toggle overdrive, Sentinels turn into minions, Bone Chillers release their ice blast, et cetera. Has a radius of about three tiles.
Cost: 50 mana
Appearance: A pulse of electricity spreads from the casting point, then dissipates

But what's it good for?
The obvious main use of this spell is to activate Sentinels. That's kind of what it was designed for in the first place. But other uses would be quickly toggling on the overdrive on a large number of bombards, just in case you need extra firepower to... not have your defenses breached. Or you could use it to lock a row of those weird fence doors. It's pretty much the universal "everything's gone to s***, help!!!" button for your defenses. But, as I've mentioned in the template, it shouldn't rotate gargoyles. Mostly because nothing good ever comes from accidentally turning them the wrong way.

Thank you for reading!

And if I didn't read it all?
sigh Seriously? I'd call you every single negative thing under the Sun if not for the risk of getting banned. Fine, here's a summary. Lazy man wants spell. Spell hits man's defenses. Defenses do what they do when clicked. There you go.
Aug 18, 2015
If you have a prisoner and drop it near your sentinel, they will activate themselfes.
Then use shockwave to move him around.

It's not a elegant way to mass active them but it's working


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Jan 19, 2013
Huddersfield, UK
As a freebie spell (that unlocked with the Foundry) I think this is actually a good idea. If we can re-use lighting VFX in some way it might not even be too much work to add. I'll Ask!

EDIT - I Got "Ask me again closer to the 2.0 Patch" which is about as close to a yes as I ever get :p so... fingers crossed I remember.
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