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Adx Maps!

Oct 2, 2015
I wanted to post my maps and now here they are. Most of the maps have impenetrable walls around the main area I understand why it's to force you to work around it, give the areas a most 'real' cavernous feel and to make your experience feel different each time. Well I don't subscribe to that view. To me it means if you want to play evenly you must study the map. Bugger that I'll give unimpeded room to build however you like. Also I often use spirit worker Artifacts because spirt workers have no fear, lock no mana and make 1 gold shrine enough.

Note underworld and overworld portals are subject to change as I can't save variations as new maps only override.
1v1 Lava Mid

A Super simple map, lots of room. each player has 1 of each Port, a Gold Shrine and a Perception Shrine. There is only 1 entrance with a Lava base. I like lava contested areas because it makes control so important. To highlight this importance there is a claimable Mana Shrine.

Lava Under the Bridge

A super simple 4 player map each player has 1 of each Port, 2 Gold Shrines and an unclaimed Perception Shrine. There is only 1 entrance with a Lava base

Lava Under the Bridge 2
(file miss named as Bridge Under Lava 2)

My favorite map. A 4 player map where each player has a Gold Shrine, 1 of each Port and a Perception Shrine all unclaimed . There is only 1 entrance with a Lava base but two easily defendable side entrances.

2 v 1
This map was an attempt at a balanced 2 v 1 however the bottom Shrines are unclaimed because I later wanted to do a 1 v 1 against a very OP enemy thus giving top a much faster start but can hold an attack off for some time with Aruge Walls.

1 v 1 v 1
This is possibly the most balanced 3 player map around and loosely based off Bridge under Lava 2 (god i wish i could correct it's name). Every one has the exact same base space and equally far apart from the start of the contested area.



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