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After WftO, plz do Majesty - A Fantasy Kingdom Sim Next

Apr 6, 2015
I really love WftO, especially since they added a second Dungeon Keeper-esque campaign and released the My Pet Dungeon DLC.

Besides Dungeon Keeper, one of my favorite games from the 2000's was the game Majesty - A Fantasy Kingdom Sim. No game like it has ever existed, it's truly one of a kind. It's had a sequel and three spinoffs, but none of them were anything like the original.

It may be more obscure than DK2, but it's still a cult classic with a following to this day. Paradox seems unwilling to ever make a Majesty 3, and even if they did chances are it would be nothing like the first Majesty, so it'd be a dream come true if Brightrock Games made a Majesty-esque game of their own.

I feel it'd be a great segue from WftO too, because a lot of the assets used in WftO could be re-purposed for it. Sure rooms would be replaced with buildings, and the economy system would work a bit different, but the framework for a Majesty styled AI is all there with the work, needs, and priorities system that is already in place in WftO, and Animals & Monsters could use a modified Beast AI.

Anyway, I thought I'd pitch my suggestion here and hope for the best. It may never happen but it's at least something interesting to think about.
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