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Apr 4, 2015

I once asked this question on Steam and can't seem to find a related topic nor info on this forum. Please excuse me if it's repeated.

I need a full defensive and a full offensive AI for my custom map, but I don't know which characters to choose (Draven, Kasita, Korvek, Marcus etc. ).

I would appreciate it if someone could guide me to an official answer. As you can see in the Steam forums, some one was kind enough to give the answer below, but it's not confirmed and doesn't seem to be fitting. For example I choose Kasita for the defensive faction but it attacks the other factions regardless of the explanation.

From the Steam topic:
13 Haz 2015 @ 7:27pm
To be honest, I'm not entire sure how each AI behaves, but I suppose they're based around their campaign appearance, so we'd have:

Marcus - Very defensive play, heavily invests in Sloth Tree
Rhaskos - Dunno, as he never actively fights in the campaign
Mira - Probably highly aggressive, Wrath-based play
Korvek - Highly aggressive, constantly tries to break down your walls with imps
Draven - Defensive, builds up a large dungeon prior to attacking
Kasita - Defensive, economy-based
Steven Fright - Your worst nightmare
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None of them are very defensive right now, since they don't have the capability to build defenses. Marcus is the most sloth AI, but since he can't build defenses.. he doesn't seem very defensive.

Your best bet would probably be to wait for the major AI rework coming in a future patch if you need specific types of AI because right now they are behave pretty similarly, in a mostly offensive way.
Apr 4, 2015
Hello Nutter!

You were the first person to answer this question on Steam too.. I love the way how active you are!

And thank you for the info, I didn't know that they couldn't build defences... That changes my plans =(

I'll go and read some developer notes for future updates...
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Aug 18, 2015
The AI will get an Overhaul in the 1.6, sadly for now you have to wait.
When you plan do create your Map and want a really really Defensive AI, I plan to make Marucus the most turtliest Underlord of all of them (But I will just help improving the AI, I'm not responsible on how they should play which).

My Plans for Master AI is:
Defensive AI's

Marcus - Very defensive play, heavily invests in Sloth Tree (Dunno if he even invest in Wrath)
Draven - Defensive, Potion heavy, spread out fast
Kasita - Defensive, will fight for keypoints, aggresive defences

Aggressive AI's

Rhaskos - Very Wrath heavy and early attacker (Dunno if he should build a Foundry)
Mira - Probably aggressive, uses Potions
Korvek - Probably aggressive, Ritual and Spell heavy

Neutral AI's
Steven Fright - Will play aggresive Defences, used Potion, early aggression on keypoints, high focus on Training Minions, uses Rituals when he will set some actions, further to should cut you off, when you try to spread out.
Oberon - Will play quite simple (Only Gnarlings, Cultists and Chunders. Don't think they are weak! It is a really good Strategy), early aggression, will allways have more minions then you do (due to Ember Demons, Beasts, Sentinals and Higher Spawnrate of G.C.C.).

Defensive means, training behind save walls and then strike, it will outnumber or/and overrun you with heavily trained units.
Aggressive should mean, keep the heat up, no rest, they should be intimidating. And when they see a weak spot, they will strike there, and finish you off.
All AI's should use all aspects of the VoE in a later point, but will focus on their things.

Don't worry, the achievements to get the Korvek Theme will be adjusted.
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Apr 4, 2015

Thank you all for your contributions.
I looked at the News & Announcements section of the forum but can't seem to find any topic regarding the A.I. update.

May I ask for a link regarding this 1.6 future update?
Aug 18, 2015
There isn't any.
At least no official Topic.

I can remember that Noontide and/or Nutter talked about that in a post, and that's why I'm allowed, to say that 1.6 will bring us the AI Overhaul, beside other stuff.
Best if you go to the Steam Community and search for 1.6 , then you will find some threads about that.
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