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Developer Response An easier way to play multiplayer

Feb 10, 2019
At the moment its pretty hard to create a multiplayer lobby to play with friends

I dont know much about server, portforwarding and hosting and so in my case after 3hours of try and error i came to the conclusion that its too compliacted, so i suggest using a similar hosting system the game terraria uses because they have a "host via steam" option but i dont know if this is possible for you because i dont know how these things work


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Sadly there's no way this would happen. The problems faced by users are a result of a number of factors:
  1. Old Middleware Approach - Doesn't support many modern ways of avoiding port-forwarding (See Steam Relay servers)
  2. No facilities to provide own servers, WFTO's multiplayer scene can't justify investment in a client-server architecture for the game.
  3. Massive changes such as the above would be huge undertakings
Ultimately all of these things are a result of the difficult development cycle WFTO underwent. There wasn't much time to consider the best approach for Multiplayer and we took quite a few short cuts to get it working. This is our technical debt coming home to roost.

That said we do think that Multiplayer is one of the areas that lets WFTO down and when we introduce multiplayer experiences in future titles we will be much more careful. We'll also have a lot of lessons we've learned to apply, which will ensure that not only is connectivity no longer a problem but the actual experience is a much better one for everyone involved.
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