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attack move for rallied minions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Puuuh, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Puuuh

    Puuuh Spirit

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    When I use the rally band to move the whole horde into the enemy territory they often refuse to attack enemies on their way. It seems the logic is as follow:
    move all units to to position X and when they reach that point check there if enemy units are in range and when yes then engage. It looks like if on the way to position X enemies encountered are completely ignored.
    The specific unit which is under attack will fight back, but the whole bunch of minions walk past.

    Has anybody else noticed this yet?
    It seems this is a forced move. Maybe more options (force move to rally band / attack move to rally band) would help solving this. This would be great - attack move if you just want to wipe every one out, because your army is highly owerpowered, or use force move, if you know the army of the enemy is more powerful, but you try to reach his dungeon core as fast as possible and destroy it.

    This would be quite an interesting tactics e.g. just rally shadows and force move to the enemy dungeon heart without getting noticed :)
  2. Enker-Zan

    Enker-Zan Gnarling

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    They ripped the flag mechanics straight from DK2, if you want them to attack move, you will have to plant the flag near the enemies you want dead. Though it would be nice if there was a new flag that did exactly what you said, "attack + move", rather than "haul ass to this position."

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