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BIG compiled list of suggestions

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Nov 27, 2017
Hi Lords of Underlords! >:-D

This is my rather long and compiled list of various (many assorted) suggestions for the game that I love the most!
Taken straight from my thread over at steam called: Big Suggestions List.

---Paid DLC Idea and Title: Unholy Hearth:

A Dungeon Management / Builder Extension, with EVERYTHING the game has to offer in terms of Assets, Themes, Unit Colors and Theme swapping, The Toybox and ALL in ONE place! Real time and / or Paused mode. Think of the Map Editor tool, My Pet Dungeon Campaign, God Mode and Mutators + More, compiled into one awesome Dungeon Builder Sim.
For example, the ability to use the Siege Doors from the Empire's arsenal, all Tile colors and textures, Walls, Themes, Mixing colored Workers and re-skinned Units as well as being able to change their theme and color texture on the fly, and also be able to place / use the Toybox, The auto-gold item from Crucible, and yes, everything, really. Even the insidiously cute little Porkzilla prop from the Survival mode prototype and the Revenants summoned by the Archon, and Wraiths from the Well of Souls! Yeah, you get the point!

Philosophy: While there is My Home Dungeon, the Map Editor, God Mode, Mutators and the new My Pet Dungeon, I still feel that a lot of the various cool features and content are spread out in these different game and creator modes, instead of being combined into one super mode with literally everything in it.

In short: 1 game mode that combines ALL in the creators department + more!


---Units Related:

1. The ability for Workers and Sappers to train in the Barracks, to easier leveling them up or for when they're idling too long, or just plain simply doesn't have anything to do. Also, a way to easily see their individual levels in the Units Tab, and a third Worker button, spell, ritual or whatever, for them to enter Combat Mode, and to join the fray when you need the extra ''man''power.

2. The Colossus (and perhaps also the Eternal) should have more than 20k life. The Colossus should be healed for X % of every gold picked up by him, and the Eternal should be more tanky, with higher defensive capabilities.

3. All of the Titans should have their own unique Rally icon, and perhaps get some new unique abilities. In my honest opinion, only the Archon is truly unique, and seems to be the all-around go-to Titan, compared to the others who lacks behind.

* 4. The Frostweaver should be like the Ember Demon, and instead, a temporary Über Titan (Horned, Winged Devil.. Demon?) could be summoned by a Ritual or such. Kind of like the way DK2 made you able to spawn Horny for 75 seconds. Ideally, I would truly love the idea to have like an Avatar for the actual Underlord that you are, kind of like the game: Impire.

5. There should also be an Air and Earth elemental Construct, and all the Elementals should work like the Ember Demon (but also be able to level up). So, a Fire (Ember Demon, or more ideally the Magma Weaver), Water (Frost'y'weaver), Earth (New: Rock'y'?Weaver??) and an all-new Wind Elemental, all gained from the Constructs tab. The Goldweaver could be the one brewed up from Potions. To keep it balanced, the Elementals would lose 1 level each time they die from any source, only be able to level up to say 3 or 5, and additionally, their respawn time should increase per ''death''.

6. The Empire should have some more interesting units, and also have ''Titans'', ''Beasts'' (Like a Gryphon, Some sort of big, muscular Canine etc.) + be playable; and have its own Campaign!! A Werewolf-Transforming unit would really be awesome as well. Kind of like unique equivalents to the Underlord's Minions, Beasts and Titans.

7. Sappers (Empire Miners) should have a separate unit display from the Underlord's Workers, and be corruptible with a unique skin in campaigns etc., instead of just flat out dying after a little while.

8. The Matriarch should have a unit text descriptions display showing the number of currently summoned Disciples (like the Necromancer has with: ''X Ghouls Summoned'').

9. A corrupted skin for EVERY Empire units: Highguard, Sapper and all of the Empire ''Bosses'' currently has none. Moreover, many Empire units have unique skins when using the Phaestus or Arcane themes; but many still use the default ones though, and need unique skins, matching their respective themes.

10. EVERY single Unit, Titan, Boss, Minion (Empire and Underlord) should be level up-able to a degree, and vary to balance it all out. Even the Ember Demon and Gargoyle Defense statues should be able to advance in levels.

11. The Empire to have controllable Spectre Miners, like those encountered in level 1 of the main Campaign. (Empire's equivalent to the Underlord's Spirit Workers).

12. I think that the Occulus (despite being a Beast type) should be smarter than the Bafu. I would like it more if the Occulus would stay back at the dungeon some more, and the Bafu would act as the scout instead. Skargs should also be more scouting-active in my opinion. Overall, more personality / objective (or job)-minded Units in the beast roster.

13. Although the 'Rally All' flag has been put down, the Minions around it should still prioritize Enemies / Defenses that are actually attacking them, and are therefore not solely going for the spot / enemies that are directly where the flag has been placed.

14. Some of the Crucible Minions (if not all of them) should be somehow naturally obtainable in the campaigns, skirmishes etc. Some could spawn from the Beast Den (like the Screecher) some from the Gateway (Dwarven Arcanist, Angry Monk amongst others) and some, like the Ember Lord, as a fifth Titan. The Pink Eye and such, should be a rare spawn of their lesser race, and only be get-able from a big dungeon with more than the average Unit's needs fulfilled beforehand. A sacrificial ''experiment'' in the Sanctuary could also work in order to spawn Crucible units.

15. There is 4 different types of Empire Miners (but just 2 skin types).
The Templar and Warden Empire unit have 4 unique skins each. Most of the other Empire units have just 3 unique skins. The rest of them could use some love.

---Rooms, Defenses and Traps Related:

1. A prop toggle for the prison, to let the prisoners: A) rot and die, or to B) let them live long and (un)happy for vampire snacks / living ''meat storage'' (with workers feeding them pigs and such). Also, a toggle to C) bring them directly to the pyre for burning, and / or D) to the torture chamber.

2. All sneak-peaked, mentioned or one-time used assets, units etc. to be released. For example: The Dryad Unit (For The Empire), the Permafrost Wall, neutral Bloodling units, the Siege Door, Pedestal Statue from the main campaigns level 8, etc etc.

3. Unique beds for EVERYONE, including Crucible units, which currently use placeholders. Simple re-skins or recolorings or all-new variants for the Empire's units in particular.
Re-skin for all Empire Faction Rooms, Beds and Themes. (The Highguard did have a re-skin), but only when summoning him through the Map Editor tools and by 'Slap'-click and change his Faction for him.

4. While this will most likely be a huge undertaking, I wanted to suggest that the Empire should have all-new and unique looking rooms, which looks nothing like the ones we (Underlords) have. I understand that this might be too much work, but atleast a re-skin for rooms that currently has no different version would suffice.

5. The old and once-mentioned, unreleased Market room (which was mentioned in one of the WFTO Wednesdays). Gnarlings should be customizable to a small degree, in the sense that you can choose between a sparse arrangement of armor, weapons and such for each individual Gnarling. Also, the Augre should get more augmented with metal on their skin as they level up, and when dead / KO'd Empire units are brought in and scrapped for stuff for the Market. A room called the Armory could go hand in hand with this idea!

---Ritualts, Potions and Spells Related:

1. A Ritual to completely freeze enemy unit's time for 3 Seconds or so. Or in general, new OP Rituals; and more destructive ones, like the Armageddon and Kenos ones.

---Sounds, Speech and Music Related:

1. Mendechaus should have a thing or two to say about EVERYTHING you use (?) on. For example: the Micropiglets, Mandalf the Many-Colored, the various Toggle Props, the Summoning Head in the Beast Den andPrison Rats. Also, new spoken lines for the new Crucible units. He simply says Bafu with the Screecher for example.

I took the lenghty liberty of searching, checking, noting and compiling everything that I could, concerning ''missing'' dialogue when Clicking (?) on. As a suggestion to change that, the sayings could always be just a single word, as those found in the various game modes, with the Campaigns' Units in particular. Moreover, with many of the assets and props in various rooms, there could simply be a unique and different description for those:

Mendechaus' missing spoken lines when clicking (?) on - Rooms:
Gold Piles / Treasures stored in the Vault (no option available at all), Chasms, Unidentified Artifacts, Micropiglets, Pig Pen (same saying as the actual Slaugtherpen Room), Spit Roast Oven, Tavern Table, Arena Toggle, The ability to manually stop spawning of self-chosen units, Beast Den's summoning dragon head, Training Device (Barracks), Sanctuary Altar, Archive Lectern, Foundry Anvil, Cauldron (Alchemy Lab), The Garrison Tower Prop has no separate description (wasn't it called Bastion?), Crypt Pyre, Prison Rats (has a description, but no option to click (?) on them), Purge (Spell), Overworld Gateway, Volcanic Bridge, Torture Device, Pedestal (Spirit Chamber)--Mendechaus says Podium though, Spirit Chamber Toggle Prop, Defense Part (Has a unique description)--

-Units / Characters missing spoken lines when using (?) on:
Spirit Worker, Spectre Worker, Shambler, Chilly Chunder, Restless Spirit (Crucible), Dwarven Arcanist, Baron Von Pukemuch, Wraiths, Disciples (Matriarch's Ability), Revenants, Arcane Skin Units (Templar, Arcanist, Warden, Worker / Sapper), Suvius Magnanimous, Saffire Sacré, Hine-Po, Aetna Magnanimous, The Duchess (Needs a Unique portrait as well), Coleem Magnanimous, Gregor Valench (Perhaps a Silver re-skin), Hand of Kira (same portrait as Duchess), Sir Roussimoff (also needs a Unique portrait), Belmorne ''Chippy'' Axegar (needs a Unique portrait and Re-skin), Lord O'Theland, Loa Magnanimous, Babymoth, Frosty Weaver (needs a re-skin as well), Golden Weaver, Magma Weaver, Chunderoid, Screecher, Badass Flying Chunder, Chilli Chunder, Ember Lord, Chunderling, Molten Skarg, Pinkeye, The Duke (needs a Unique portrait), Angry Monk, Mandalf the Maroon, Delicious Rat (Mandalf's ability), Prison Rats, Baby Democorn, Arcane Chunder, Terror, Democorn, Gilded Units + Pigs and Rats.
+ A saying for when Disciples return (rising) in the Crypt.

---Misc & Assorted:

1. The ability for community mods (to create and implement new units, rooms, spells, campaigns etc etc.) all created by the Community through the Steam Workshop.

2. The Official Wiki / Your home website to be updated with descriptions of units, rooms, spells ans so forth--same goes for the Dungeoneers Guide (which fully lack Crucible and the newer Units / Empire bosses and Underlord Titans).

3. A way to choose between Mandalf's many Colored skins (as seen in the first level of MPD).

4. An actual description (with live in-game pictures / videos) for the various unlockable Extra Themes and Workers, as to preview what to look forward to unlocking.

5. I am still quite unsure if a full Theme has more cosmetic content than: 1. Worker Skins, 2. Tile / Wall Textures and 3. A Unique Dungeon Heart? As said in #4, a better in-game description would be appreciated.

6. The Map Editor in-game tool should include a feature so you can swap skins (Workers and Corrupted / Un-corrupted Empire Units), Dungeon Hearts, mix Tile variants / colors and Wall themes etc. on the go, and also while using God Mode. Eg. placing any unit, right-click that unit and swap colors, un- or corrupt skin variant etc.

7. More Map Editor tools, to also be able to rotate and add / remove everything (Dungeon Heart, Room Tiles, Room Props etc.) and also pre-place the Upgraded room types too.

* 8. Seems like an oversight, but if you for example place a big Chasm area, surround the outer perimeter of that with Lava- or waterfalls, the place where the lava or water hits the ground (Chasm ''bottom'') looks very weird. The Chasm itself are utterly awesome, but it looks like the stuff put on top of it (walls etc.) floats in the black Aether.

* 9. Sounds like quite the undertaking, but if possible: Unique character unit models for the Empire Bosses (Like Belmorne Dwarf), or at least a re-skin like the others have.

10. Although VERY cool indeed! Titans / Boss creatures like the Eternal, Archon, Democorn and Ember Lord's visual Auras' affected area is rather huge. Would be awesome with an AoE passive buff, or perhaps the affected area shortened a bit?

11. Would be very nice with more microtransaction worker skins and full themes!

12. An Auto-activate toggle mode for Defenses like Well of Souls and the Bone Chillers Activate abilities, to automatically be activated when Enemies are near it, and deactivated when there aren't.

* 13. A Unique Portrait for all units, including / and especially the different Empire Dwarves. I am just a lover of Unique appearances in games, hehe.

14. The Ability to pick up, drag'n'drop Dead units (including Enemies and Beasts)--if they died within ones claimed area.

15. Perhaps Porkzilla as a very rare Slaugtherpen Micropiglet spawn, instantly filling ALL units' hunger meter and / or the spit roast tables? Or just Porkzilla as a crucible-like neutral Unit.

16. A 'not-overly-fancy-and-Expansion'esque-fledged-out' RTS mode, where you for example Play as / Control the Archon, then find more and more minions like the Necromancer, and slowly get levels as you progress. Like Lvl 9 of the main Campaign, which was one of my all-time favorite levels!

Concerning re-skins:
Rooms, Defenses, Constructs and Units Re-Skins for the Underlord and Empire: Lair has 2 Unique variants, Vault has 2 wall variants, Royal Carpet has 1 variants, Slaugtherpen has 2 wall variants, Archive has 2 Unique variants, Barracks has 2 variants, Tavern has 2 variants, Arena (Although somewhat unnecessary) have just 1 variant, Foundry has 2 variants (Empire's wall props' Lava ain't flowing though), Although somewhat unnecessary, the Beast Den have just 1 variant, The Alchemy Lab has 2 variants, The Sanctuary has 2 Unique variants, The Crypt has 2 very Cool, Unique and Distinct variants, The Prison has 2 variants, The Garrison has 2 Unique variants, The Spirit Chamber has 1 variant, The Torture Chamber has 2 variants.
The Defenses only has slightly differentiating variants with Door and Rampart shadings, Constructs has just a different colored Symbol, and Shrines and portals / gateways has none whatsoever.
Again, I have no idea how much work it is to implement, but instead of all new and unique rooms for either Faction (which I now understand is a huge amount of work and time), perhaps a re-skin for those with minuscule or no difference at all? The Lair, Archive and Crypt are the only three of all the above-mentioned that really feels distinct and different.

* 17. A new unit that looks like a mixture of Sauron (from the Lord of the Rings), and the leader of the Wild Hunt (The Witcher 3) -- Black ''skeleton'esque'' iron-clad warrior, wielding a massive two-handed axe, a cape and could be considered a Death Knight class.

* 18. The Witch Doctor will focus its Healing Abilities on temporary (degrading) units like the Baby Democorn's summoned minions, Restless Spirits (Vampire's ability), Revenants and Wraiths. Also, he will run around, solely concentrating on healing all Units currently not with full health, thus not satisfying his own needs at all.

19. The Ability to Entertain Minions / Units at high levels and in the Endgame time, for example with a Party in the Tavern (or Bar Brawl), Using Wall props from most, if not all rooms (like the Dart board in the Tavern etc.), or Tournaments held in the Arena etc.

* 20. More Defenses, and especially Traps:*

21. A Purple Highlight for when manually dropping the prisoners in the Crypt's Pyre (currently hard to actually drop them correctly, which makes you often miss the mark).

22. Additional (concerning the Traps / Defenses automation system), it gets near impossible to see through the horde of minions fighting and clicking the Bone Chiller, Well of Souls etc., when there is War going on with many creatures fighting in a narrow spot or with the use of Rally All!

23. Would be kind of cool and funny if the rare spawned Porkzilla could be trained, eventually gaining the size and strength like the boss.

24. A Tab in the Right-Hand side of the screen, to list the sayings Mendechaus has already taught / told you.

25. An actual use for the Royal Carpet 'Room'. For example, it could make certain Intelligent minions (especially the Empire ones) more happy, and even have a chance for them to /Gloat.

26. A small display for Veins of Evil unlockables unlocked, in the same way mana locked has: X used out of Y available.

27. A way to re-display Owned Shrines, when / if you clicked them to disappear (accidentally or not) in the right-hand side of the screen.

28. If you somehow have excessive Sins available to you (through Mutators, God Mode or through conventional means), there should be a way to Use those for something else, like Mana or Gold.

29. You should be able to build any type of Bridge across Chasms (Lava, Pit, Water etc.)

* 30. The Arcane Worker (From the Arcane Theme) should have the Unit Display Portrait instead of the Dwarven Arcanist, which in turn should have a unique one. The Arcane Templar should also have a unique portrait. In fact, although most likely too much work and such to implement, it would be awesome with Arcane skins for all Minions and Empire Units.

31. A better display for when your minions are in combat. Current one, with 1 portrait per minion is confusing, and suddenly just pop up with many portraits at once.

* 32. The Disciple needs a better outline / highlight around its character model.

33. The ability to use the Old Water tile textures, as well as the usage of the new Ice / Frost / Snow walls and tiles in Map Editor mode.

34. The Augrum Wall defense part (although Map Editor has the actual finished Augrum Wall) to be to be pre-placed in Map Editor and God Mode.

35. The Workers (goes for all versions) should have a dis- and enableable option for their Health Bar, to easily see their individual levels. Sappers should also get the same option.

36. The Ability to Slap, Lightning and otherwise kill the imprisoned Enemies.

37. The Ability to put Enemies or Minions in the Cauldron, for an all new potion (or to enhance already existing ones) with the new ''Ingredient''.

38. The Ability to Slap and Blood Money Delicious (Prison) Rats, like you can with Micropiglets.

39. The Ability for Workers to drag Unconscious Enemy Workers (like Sappers) to the Prison. Same goes for Dead ones (to the Crypt).

40. The Dwarven Arcanist should get a visible Mace weapon and a Shield.
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