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Bloody Pop-up's when playing skirmish levels

Feb 15, 2018
I've just started playing this again with sod all to do during yet another lockdown, and I updated to the latest version (via GOG).
When playing a skirmish level, for some reason every so often and without any obvious trigger I get a pop-up that looks like, probably is the multi-player chat, talking about the "AI" and steven fright, and something about attacking my dungeon. When this appears ALL the keyboard shortcuts stop working and its REALLY ANNOYING. Perhaps its the map's I'm playing, I have the GOG version but seems like most of the content is on steam so manually ripped a bunch of maps from there to play, everything else seems to work fine, just this pop-up that's killing me.

Please someone tell me how to turn this off. I've looked through the settings but nothing obvious like "Turn off annoying pop-up" is immediately evident.

Thanks all,
Aug 18, 2015

Sadly you can't turn it off.
The MP Chatbox is also working in Skirmish, so that the AI can put some line of text in there.
Sadly it pops up when you enter where it should be, which is a very annoying bug and got reported
Feb 15, 2018
Thank you for the reply, it is much appreciated. Since development on this game ceased years ago I suspect there never will be a fix, but then again, its full of bugs.; impenetrable rock scattered on save/load, missing gateways, claim the enemy's dungeon core before destroying it so can never win, imps just standing around doing nothing for no reason, bafu's getting stuck all the time in various rooms, creatures getting lost all the time, enemy creatures invulnerable, wrong creature colours, lair too small when it isn't, and of course random crash/exit, but despite all that its still worth a re-play in 2021.
Jan 3, 2013
You are playing a Legacy map which features old AI which was using the chat box. If you want to get rid of it, you need to import the map into editor and change it's type inside Map's Options from Legacy to Deathmatch if it does not have any scripts or to Scenario if it has some. This will make map use new AI that doesn't use chat box and your problem will be solved.
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