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Brain teaser



I like this sort of thing.


you see a shirt for $97.00
you dont have enough money to buy it.
you borrow $50 from your mom and $50 from your dad

you use the $100 on the $97 shirt and you get $3 change.

you give $1 to your mom and $1 to your dad.
you keep the third $1

you now owe your mom $49.00 and your dad $49.00

49+49=98 + the $1 you had in your pocket. = $99.00

where did the last $ go?

I know the answer and i'll post it if you want. thought this would be fun to share. made me think for a while.
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Nov 10, 2011
The Netherlands
You can't just add "owing money" and "having money" together, as owing money is actually a loss of money for you (if you pay it back), and not something you have.

So the "owed" money would be actually negative. -49 -49 + 1= -97. What happened to these 97 bucks? You spent them on the shirt.

Alternatively, let's say I give back my dollar to mom. I now owe mom $48 and dad $49. 48+49+0=97, again what was spent on the shirt.

To prove that putting owes and havings together doesn't work, let's say I borrow another $20 from mom. I now have 69+49+21=$139. Where did these $39 come from?

So my answer is: the sum in the question is BS.
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hahaha, yea i wouldn't spend that much on a shirt EVER.

you guys got it. you can't add your debit to your credit.

it's like adding your student loans to what's in your bank account.

your credit is $97 + $1 = $98 your debit is $49+$49 = $98 <- the sum balances out. the 49 in the debit came from the $1 you gave back to each of your parents.

If we each put $20 in a box, And I sell you the box for $30, we both make a $10 profit. Infinite money?

Nov 23, 2011
Gold Coast Australia
Here's one for you::

A boy and his father are in a car travelling along the road

they crash the father is pronounced dead at the scene the son is rushed to hospital and placed on the operating table for emergency surgery

the surgeon comes in and looks at the boy then looks at the staff and says

I can not operate on this child for he is my son

Who is the surgeon?
Nov 23, 2011
Gold Coast Australia
The surgeon is the child's mother. Silly assumed gender boundaries!
I've told that to loads of people and you are one of the first to get it right gratz! But hey most people even females never realise that the surgeon could be a female haha!

Here's another one for you: ( last one hehe)

You have a Wolf a Dog & a Sheep.............. so you come to a bridge now the bridge is very narrow and small you can only take 1 animal across at a time which means you will have to leave 2 behind as you go across.

Here are the rules:
You can leave the dog with the sheep because the dog will protect the sheep
You cannot leave the dog with the wolf because they will fight and kill each other
You cannot leave the wolf with the sheep because it will kill and eat the sheep

How do you make it across the bridge and keep all the animals safe and alive?
Nov 23, 2011
Gold Coast Australia
Well done mate you got it right! most people don't realise that you can take an animal back across the bridge heh seems the internet is the place where clever people reside.......... well at least us Dungeon Keeper folk are clever


Nov 19, 2011
There are six villages along the coast of the only perfectly round island in the known universe. The villages are evenly distributed along the coastline so that the distance between any two neighboring coastal villages is always the same. There is an absolutely straight path through the jungle connecting every pair of villages. These paths create thirteen crossings in the interior of the island, one of which is in the middle of the island where paths from every village meet.

The island has a strange courtship custom. Before a father will give permission for his daughter to marry, her suitor must bring the father a fish each day until he has traveled by every route from his village to the father's village. The young man only travels along routes where he is always getting closer to his destination. The young man may visit other villages along the way.

On April first a father's three sons come to tell him of their intent to woe a bride, each from a different village. The brides' villages are the first three villages encountered when traveling clockwise around the island.

If the sons begin their courtship today and the couples are married on the day following each son's last trip, what are the three wedding dates?

Bonus Question: If the coastline of the island is ten miles long, how long is the longest route that any of the sons takes to reach their betrothed's village?
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