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Build-A-Room Part 2: The Walls

Which wall style do you want to see in the Archive?

  • A

    Votes: 194 84.7%
  • B

    Votes: 7 3.1%
  • C

    Votes: 28 12.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Jun 28, 2012
I'm also increasingly of the opinion that A, B, and C all match the floors they're supposed to be associated with.

In terms of pure aesthetics, I have to vote C.

In terms of what could make A better... eh. Paint Tool SAI away...

Know what? I miss the Archives from the concept art. :(

Lol, by the concept art, it was to be made of the B floor option & the B wall option, which are the least rated so far.
See? The red makes those gems work SO much better, please consider that SG. Red or match Team Color.


Dec 14, 2012
I like all the them to be honest for different styles of rooms.

I voted for A but I dont like the gems as well. They dont build up this moody environment.

I would also like to state that in the showcase I dont really like the bright red dots per tile. We need something less fancy, more dark. This type of red reminds me of a laser beam which is not ideal in the medieval dungeons.


WFTO Backer
Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
Perhaps have it start out plain, they change to ornate at some stage? lvl x minion working there. might make it appear more dynamic world.
Oh yesssss! Make this happen... maybe it could unlock after some levels played so you push back that stereotype? And/OR make the room look plain in the beginning - some like C - and for majority of rooms give the option to "upgrade" them - so for example you pay some money/blood/both... then your selected room (or all rooms of the same kind) gets this new look - like A - and they can attract more creatures or enhance some stats...

What about... giving each room a standard triplet of <floor texture, wall texture, forniture> and give the players the possibility to customize it on a per-user or even per-room basis?
Im all for this customization - you could be able to place single items in hallways and customization of rooms should be done by this - like standard triplets made by devs/fans - so you have quick way how to customize and not loose time but you are not stuck on the same design all the time.
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WFTO Founder
Dec 19, 2011
For the sake of extra details I voted A, but if C had more details such as wall skull torches or gothic style torches between them and a few gothic fine details matching the gothic style shelves then i would definitely vote C for because it would be more suiting for the dark theme of the game.
Gothic wall Torch


Wall skull Torch

A few additions like these would liven C a bit.
Dec 11, 2011
I will not vote.
I don't like any of the shalves at all, I mean a archive is supposed to be a place full of books and the concepts of walls really doesn't fit in imho, they are unpractical. Shelves should be just like umh.. shelves, a lot of them. Those niches live very little space to books, I think a archive should be filled with tons of books in everywere on dusty creacking wooden shelves.
I also don't like the gems and the rock skulls, IMHO we are completely on the wrong road here.
My 2c.
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Oct 26, 2012
I wont repeat what has been said already: over garnished look because of the gems, tat's for sure. Personally I don't mind the walls being plain, mostly because of the DK2 nostalgia... i'll wait for the screenshots. Having analysed the walls next to the carpet, frankly, all of them are well.
Dec 8, 2012
Oh wow, that concept art looks fantastic! If only they could all be included... :-/ I picked C personally... but could easily see all of them in such a context (too much evil could be stylistic overkill), perhaps progressing from B-C-A as your power/evilness grows.

That said, if the concept art rooms could be worked in as a moddable bonus... can I say calling GotY 2013 already? :D
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