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Campaign Replay Value- Customization campaign experience

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Dec 2, 2011
<Edited to include a few more ideas>
Enjoying the game now that the major performance issues seem to have been addressed and I have just completed the campaign. I understand there have already been posts on variable difficulty levels but I found the majority of the levels disappointingly easy. I have some suggestions which would make the campaign & Skirmish modes a little more repayable all of which could be tied into achievements.

E.g. Long pig special: Completing a mission without access to a slaughter pen forcing the player to rely on the tavern...and alternative meats to keep his minions well fed.

Customization options before entering missions which could allow the player to:

  • Restrict the rooms that they have available for a particular mission (no prison would certainly make the majority of the missions far harder). Possibly even allowing players to randomize this process (lair and Slaughterpen being the only Nessisary essentials).
  • Restrict the number and type of minions that the player can draw from portals.
  • Buff Monster: Increase the level or resilience or enemy creatures.
  • Increase the amount of Mana locked for traps or/and workers.
  • Increase the enemy keepers maximum mana reserves, mana regeneration speed or starting gold.
  • Grant the AI access to rooms they would not normally have access to at this stage in the campaign.
  • Increase the amount of gold paid to minions during payday (x2, x3, x4 etc). Alternatively a taxation system wherein the player loses additional gold each payday.
  • Increase the number of minons the enemy can draw from portals.
  • Add an optional time limit.
  • Increase the number of boss creatures (forgotten the name sorry) the enemy can have active at any one time.
  • Moody Minions: have player minions become unhappy faster/ easier/ for no reason.
  • Famine: Decrease the rate in which micro piglets spawn.
  • Greatly decrease the rate in which the players workers can mine gold from a gold shrine.
  • Prison Break: Filling a prison beyond capacity resulting in all the occupants escaping to wreak havoc.
In general I felt that the most enjoyable level of the campaign was the ambush mission and the mission where players are forced to face three keepers (though that was irritably chaotic at times). Increasing the aggression of the enemy heroes in the majority of the missions would put increased pressure on the player early on in the majority of missions.

...also removing the necromancy mission and giving us another opportunity to fight waves of heroes or an enemy keeper as the campaign is short enough as it is and the mission was incredibly dull. Maybe keep the necromancy mission as an unlockable side quest for sadists? :p

PS I am also aware that these ideas may be to difficult or impossible to implement

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