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cannot complete mission 9 ambush game wont end


Dwarven Worker
Apr 14, 2015
i finally beatin the heros after wave and waves but when i attacked the outpost i killed all the heros. took all the land and rooms but there is nothing left.

what i notice is if i rally my troops away from there portal gate after few min they send more troops i kill them and still wont end. i should note i used a prison and torture chamber to get more troops on the battlefield. maybe that could be bugging me? were every hero needs to die perhaps?

any help from the devs would be nice i dont wannt have to keep replaying this mission to see if it ever unbugs.


WFTO Backer
Dec 11, 2012
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I briefly thought I was experiencing that problem myself, but it turned out a lone hero was hiding somewhere.

You could try slapping any converted heroes to death or turning them into gold though.

Edit: another thread reports this behaviour, and the poster there said they only completed the level when they had killed all their corrupted heroes. Doing them on soul pyres in the crypt is probably the fastest way to do that, although the kill mode of the torture chamber is what that person used
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