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New Cannot rebuild rooms on land previously held by an AI


Blood Imp
Jul 3, 2015
What happens: If you try to build a room on land where an AI previously had a room, such as if you take over the room, sell it and then build your own it disappears.

How to reproduce: Start a skirmish match, let the ai expand, then claim rooms that the ai had, dig out the entire thing and sell all the rooms and then build a lair (or any room) over everything. You lose gold and the room does appear, it just disappears as if it was sold a shortwhile after, you do not get your gold back and you still own the tiles, the room is just gone in exactly those tiles that the AI had a room, leaving the rest of the room intact on those tiles that was previously walls or tiles without rooms on them.

It could be an issue that the AI isnt updating ownership of the tiles which cases a bug which reverts (sells) the room tiles you build.
Jan 3, 2013
Known thing.

It may also happen in MP match, making it the very tricky bug.

For now, I recommend not selling room that you claimed, at least you won't lose it and space it occupied before.
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