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Claimed Rooms

Aug 17, 2016
I can't remember if I have brought this up before, but I've been working on some maps, all with variations of room claiming, without the ability to build rooms set in Mutators. It appears that all rooms can be used with the exception of the Alchemy Lab and the Sanctuary/Ritual Room. These two, at least, will not function if the mutator is set to disallow their being built. I even created single tile rooms of each, already in the dungeon, but that did not seem to fix the issue.
A secondary issue is that if rooms are disallowed, but claimed during the game, there is no way to allow their upgrades.

I did some additional work on my map-removed the single tile Sanctuary and Alchemy Labs, and checked that they were researchable in Mutators--but even though they are unlocked, they can no be chosen--both are grayed out in the Sins list
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