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Published Craven Wail

Dec 14, 2012

"Here we are Underlord in the realm of Craven Wail! An extremely ancient Underlord dwells here so ancient in fact that they prefer to go by the name of 'Keeper' and has fit for themselves a very cosy dwelling indeed.

A Gold Shrine hides deep within this cretins' home so beware of their unlimited wealth and be ready to take it for yourself!

This is a might strategic stronghold for any under-dweller here and you are not the only Underlord who thinks this realm will serve of such tactical use! Make an ally across the chasms or take everything for yourself, make your decision wisely.

Happy culling, Underlord."

Making use of the lovely new 'Sovereign' theme with this 4-player map, Yellow and Red feature 2 Overworld Portals and 1 Underworld portal, Green and Blue feature 2 Underworld Portals and 1 Overworld portal.
1 Gold Shrine within Empire territory.
2 Underworld Portals within Empire Territory.
Near-full Underworld dungeon within Empire Territory including Dungeon Core and Gold Shrine.

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