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[Creature] Abomination

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Dec 15, 2011
Tauranga, New Zealand
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Name Abomination


Health: High
Attack: Very High
Armour: Average
Accuracy: Accurate
Agility: Slow
Speed: Slow
Luck: Average
Recovery Rate: Slow
Intelligence: Extremely Stupid
Construction: It thinks an Anvil is a type of bed
Training Rate: Average
Training Cost: Cannot use Training Room
Wage: 750 + 50 for each level it gains
Gender: Its creator didn't bother to add genitals

Level 1: Melee
Level 5: Blood Crazed Rampage*

*The Abomination's Attack and Speed will increase greatly, however it will no longer be able to identify Friend from Foe, causing it to go on a blood crazed rampage, attack all in its path.

Information: A giant mass of Flesh and Bone, The Abomination is the perfect, artificial killing machine… except it is so stupid it can’t use the Training room. The Abomination has a strong affection to the Scientist that created it (it calls it his "Master") and will follow said Scientist everywhere around the Dungeon.

Behavior in Dungeon: Follows its Master and acts like a bodyguard, if an enemy creature attacks the Scientist for any reason, the Abomination will intervene and attack.

The Abomination is stupid, it is unable to use ANY room in the Dungeon, save the Treasury and Combat Pit, the good news is, it has no need to relax, sleep or eat.

The Abomination's happiness matches its Master (The Scientist it follows around), this includes relaxation, morale etc.

If the Abomination is separated from its Master it will quickly (within 10 seconds) become unhappy. Leave it for 30 seconds and it will become angry.

The Abomination cannot be seduced by the Succubus.

If its master dies, the Abomination will become unhappy and lose all morale. It will go to the Laboratory to sulk until a Scientist that has no Abomination of its own enters, which it will assign as its new master.

If it is in the company of another Abomination, they will begin to argue, much to the amusement of their masters.

Battle Style: The Abomination's high health makes it a useful "Tank" like Creature. However, it will attack anything that harms its Master, unless its on a Blood Crazed Rampage.
Jobs: None.

Obtainable By: Keepers, hostile and unowned ones can be found in the wild (around old, abandoned Dark Hospitals)

Hates: It is generally too stupid to hate anything, but it turns on anything that harms its master. If the Abomination's path is blocked by another creature, and it is unhappy/angry due to separation, it will attack the blocking creature, this includes Imps.

Loves: Scientists, more specifically, the one it calls master

Anger reaction: It will turn neutral and attack you.
Lair: It has no lair

Appearance: A tall, thin beast about the height of a Giant. Its entire body is stitched together. It has 3 left arms, one of which has two hands, and 2 right arms. Each hand holds an array of weapons ranging from spears to scimitars. It is generally gray-brown in color and wears no clothes, as the Scientist that made it didn't bother to add genitalia.

Attracted by: N/A, created within Dungeon

Entrance Effect: An explosion of blood and limbs when created in the Dark Hospital.

Torture: Rips it apart

Mentor Quotes: "A Scientist has created an Abomination" (standard enterance quote)
"You have obtained an Abomination, these giant masses are stupid and loyal. They follow their master around like a little lost puppy. Sweet. In combat these beasts can lead your army to glorious victory and are one of the strongest creatures you can obtain, just beware his frenzy. Use him wisely, Keeper."
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