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[creature] Abyssal

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Dec 11, 2011
Name: Abyssal
Description: A tentacled / carapaced horror from the deep underground waterways and lakes. It's many arms are constantly feeling about the edges of water for prey to be dragged to its toothy maw. In the water they are capable jetting about with rapid speed, and can also leave the water for short amounts of time to snatch unsuspecting passerby.

Health: Average
Attack: Poor - While its tencales arms have reach, and inflict damage they are mostly used for grappling / snaring many opponents. It battle this allows other creatures to engage the restrained/snared enmies
Armour: Average - Crab like carapace shell covering its body, elastic arms are soft flesh.)
Accuracy: Poor/good - Lacking effective eyesight out of water, while emersed in water it can sense creature movement and gains bonuses. So it can make reach attacks from water onto land and gain bonuses.
Agility: Poor/excellent - While outside of water is movement is slowed and dodge lowered. While in water it can better sense attack and able to nimble jet to the side.
Speed: High attack speed / Slow out of water while fast in it. The attack speed comes from its many arms. While they are not accurate, they are numerous. Some of its flailing will land hits.
Luck: Average luck. Again, its attacks are not so accurate nor critical when they land. But each hit is deliberate in damage and strength. This creature would need some luck it as it relies alot on stumbling upon prey and sensing movement of any creature that enters its environment. If an enemy is on land, it would only sense it near the waters edge or given orders by the player to engage. This makes it an excellent guardian for the waterways is explores.
Recovery Rate: High - Being an organism capable to regrow lost limbs, it has no problem returning to its kelp lair and rapidly healing itself.
Intelligence: Very Poor - This is a beast. Granted a clever one, but only possessing an animalistic cunning for hunting and stalking. Can not leave water for lengths of time for research or crafting.
Construction: Poor - It is capable of doing basic crafting but its reliance on spending a part of the time in water limits its effectiveness. Only let it construct in desperate times when no other creatures can fulfill the role.
Training Rate: (Average) - Its low intelligence is made up for with tenacity. It's many arms means it can land more hits in the same time frame as other training creatures. This makes its melee rapidly trainable and leveling much more quickly.
Training Cost: **This is a hard factor to determine. I would rate this moster as average or below to train. It can skill up quickly but is not the most powerful creature**
Wage: Low. As long as it can return to the water for a time and get prey items, it will horde a small cache of gold from the keeper.
Gender: No Sex. It is capable of reproducing asexually.

Melee specialist
[Many armed] - Possessing many tenctacles give it a high attack speed but low accuracy
[grapple] -Target unit is grabbed and held tightly dealing squeezing damage and unable to move until it or the Abyssal is dead.
[Flail] - When activated the Abyssal many arms wave about tripping enemies and causing a AOE snare effect for a few seconds after.
[Special Skill: Drown] - It the Abyssal is in water and has grappled an enemy and enemy health below 25%, this attack will immediately drown an enemy.

Information: The Abyssal is a cave scavenger. Having long flailing tentacles bristling with spikes and a hard carapaced body. It is nearly blind with tiny eyes, but while in the water it has little need to see. It reaches out with its other senses to detect prey while exploring waterways and feeling the water's edges. It will occasional make jaunts out of the water in pursuit of prey or to find an environment with more things to eat. While not large or even particular strong, it has a dogged tenacity and strange cunning.

Behavior in Dungeon: When Idle, it will often return to a body of water. It is more an aquatic creature and thus needs to breathe water to survive. If not given a specific task, it will often on its own start exploring waterways or lakes. If it had done battle with an enemy in a specific spot, it will often remember and return to the site to lay in ambush for future enemies to stumble by. If out of water for a great length of time, it will began to become frantic and desperate to return to the water. If for some reason it cannot make it, it then will die.

Battle Style: Supporter - It's main function is mid range with its long reach, slapping enemies, snaring them and restraining enemies for others to finish off.

Jobs: Dungeon explorer / guardian. Its low beastial intelligence makes it a poor worker. It is however a nature explorer (think the flying insect from dungeon keeper). It can also guard fairly well, but does best near a body of water.

Obtainable By: Neutral - These units are drawn to dead bodies floating in water or fallen on the edge. The unit can be recruited by building a "Kelp Bed" in a lair. It also needs a source of water near the dungeon. Such as a lake or river. An idea would be a "Well" or "Stagnant pool" as a room. It could then go to these to immerse itself for a bit to regain its ability to move on land.

Hates: Being dry. So it will get mad / desperate if unable to reach water for a time which could lead to attacking other friendly creatures or destruction of property. Hates any spells that could produce bright lights that would hurt its sensitive but poor vision.

Loves: Dead bodies which it will merrily munch on. Bodies of water to splash in under the keepers control. It could also have some sort of synergy with another creature like a "Merman" or "Deep one"... Like a aqua man.

Anger reaction: Will always try to return to a water source and may look at its former allies as a good source.

Lair: A tangled ball of dark, dank kelp dragged from the depths.

Appearance: Tentacled barbed arms, spiny carapace and crab like appendages, small almost vestigial eyes from existing near total darkness.

How Introduced: When you first start encountering bodies of water. It could be already exploring the edges. It could be considered neutral until "tamed."

Attracted by: Decaying corpses. Water based rooms or bodies of water within the keepers control.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Sound of sloshing water, and a disturbing Skittering / chittering noise. Water splashes from the portal and trails behind the creature as it drags itself through the gate.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] One would be dipping it in hot oil or crushing its carapace body under a massive vice / lobster cracker.

Mentor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] "Ahh, the Abyssal. A most loathsome creature rising from the deepest depths of the underwater realms. Possessing gripping tentacles and a strong shell this beast will merrily seek out your enemies from the water. Once found, it can quickly lashout or pull them screaming into the darkness below..."
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Nov 14, 2011
I'm going to start out by saying that the idea isn't bad, but it may need some reworking.

So, I notice that the creature sounds like some kind of Kraken-ish thing in water, but a flailing, blind, and clumsy mess while out of it. Here is the problem, not all battles will be near water, which means keepers will most likely dump this creature down the portal to make space for something else. Now, a way you could keep the water affinity while not making him useless is giving it average stats while on land with a passive percent boost to certain abilities that activates in water.

The abilities, well, they need some work. Some look like buffs, but it's hard to tell. Abilities I notice that are over powered are grapple, and Drown. Grapple allows the Abyssal to render any creature immobile while doing (crushing?) damage until the creature or the Abyssal is dead. This is a problem, not only can it mean death if a creature is alone, but it can also be used to take out creatures far more powerful than itself. To nerf this ability I would suggest that the grapple lasts a certain fixed amount of time, and that certain creatures/creatures many levels higher be immune. Drown is overpowered because it's basically an instant kill to any creature with low health. Imagine if an insanely strong creature was injured, walked through the water and -boom- dead without a chance to fight. Again, I would add similar to restrictions to this one as in Grapple.

Well, that's my two cents. Just refine it more, and it should end up ok.


Mar 11, 2012
I think it could even be more powerful in water/less on the ground depending on how much water you find on maps. For example if there are only a few spot with ground between, it could be use as a "position" unit (think of the tanks of starcraft), that way it's a huge advantage for the keeper if he manages to have it in a good spot, but it's really risky because it might die easily if caught out of position. You could use it to trap ennemies near water, guards passages etc. but the more you move it to the ennemy's side, the more you risk to loose it because of speed and stuff. Also just make it so you can't leave it to a spot without caring about him for too long and you can have a powerful creature who's risky enough to use to make it balanced... Although this will maybe work more in a more classical kind of rts... or not at all.
Dec 11, 2011
Hey, lots of good suggestions. I threw this creation up so anyone is welcome to contribute more. In general, I hope the creatures that make it into the game are unique and different from what we have seen before. So any unique ideas are great in my book.
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