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[Creature] - Avaggdu

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[Creature] - Avaggdu

Avaggdu "The Ever-Hunger half Troll - half Demon".

Half Troll, half demon. He is a hungry killing machine. See notes below to know about Avaggdu more. ;)

Appearance image:

OR funnier version (but I prefer this one above)


Health: Very High
Armor: Below Medium
Movement Speed: Very Low
Attack strength: Medium or between Medium and High
Attack speed: Low
Intelligence: Very Low
Construction: Medium
Training Rate: Low
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: High
Torture Rate between Medium and High

Gender: Male

Weapon: Claws or bone-like weapon or

You didn't took it seriously, didn't You?


Lvl 1 Melee Attack (Slashing) - Close combat melee attack,
Lvl 3 Gas vortex (Poison) - throws a poisoning, cloudy wave towards enemy poisoning or dealing damage (like Gas trap in DK1) to everyone on that's wave way (like a flame wave in Diablo or inferno). Medium long cooldown, far range. You can hear sickening sounds coming out from this creature's guts, yuk!
Lvl 6 Scorching Stench Bomb - throws a bomb that splashes on the ground makes a small puddle of Scorching Stench that deals fire and poison damage to creatures that fell into this stinky sludge.
Lvl 8 Cloud of Starvation (Poison) - it's like a Bile Demon's "Flatulence" - deals damage from poison to creature in spell range and has 20% chance to make creatures in CoS's range hungry (this percentage chance is different for each, it don't makes all creatures hungry if it works, but it isn't impossible), but attention - This starvation deals damage twice bigger and twice as fast than normal hunger). Starvation can be satiated only by eating 3 times more food than normal (advanced hunger-starvation, but we could make CoS without this, what do You think?). It don't affects creatures that don't need to eat.

Immune to Gas


Weaknesses/Resistances: (What type of attacks is your unit strong or weak against? Take in mind the following types of attacks: Slashing, Blunt, Fire, Ice, Electric, Poison, Dark, Light.)
Immune to Gas

Information: (Basically, describe your unit here. Tell us what makes your creature notable.)
We can say about this minion as a system of a Prader-Willie's creature :D
Avaggdu need much more food than any other creature to be satisfied. It is quite enduring creature, like Bile Demon in DK. This creature don't have any spells that will raise it's life or buff someone - it is specially created for sowing confusion in enemy's group, dealing area damage.

Appearance: (Describe what your unit looks like with some more detail.)
His has no nose. Can fight with his claws or could have Nunchaku! Yes, it should look nasty, but very ugly. He is still hungry and sometimes can do something with his tongue, sometimes can fart etc.

Behavior in Dungeon: (When idle, what does your Unit do? Also has typical behavior, such as things it tends to do and what kind of creatures it hangs out with, and to what types of rooms it goes.)

Battle Style: (What combat style is your unit? [Tank/Blocker, Blitzer, (offensive) Support, Buffer, etc.]. Also includes combat tendencies for that Unit.)
A little tank, a little blitzer, like Bile Demon in DK 1 anyway.

Jobs: (The jobs that your Unit does. Training, Researching, Guarding, and other such things qualify as jobs.)
Crafting (living) traps, Manufacturing, Training. Very poor in Researching.

Loves: (Are there certain things your Unit loves? Allies can be included, units this unit gets along with pretty well.)
Loves everything resembling a food.

Hates: (Are there certain things your Unit despise? Enemies / rivalries can also be included)
Clean and pretty creatures.

Anger reaction: (If your Unit becomes angry enough, what will his action(s) be? The Unit leaves the dungeon by default.)
Destroy wall decorations.

Lair: (What does the Unit's lair look like?)
Like a small stinky bank.

Obtainable By: (Creature, Hero, or Neutral? Do they come from a portal, must they be converted, Temple recipe, etc.)
Neutral or by Evil.

Attracted by: (What attracts your Unit? Think like room requirements or other prerequisites for the unit to come into your dungeon)
I don't know to make this creature as a neutral creature, but it can be attracted only by evil side.

How Introduced: (How does the Unit first appear in the game's campaign mode?)
Ahhhhrr! Avaggdu! This disgusting, dropping gases monster is very abominable and unfamiliar with the word "personal culture". Be sure that this creature makes enemy stinky and powerless to his power from the deepest part of his guts... but pay attention keeper - this creature eats a lot to be able to produce his deadly gases. He is a very nasty minion... after all he is a troll...

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] (What kind of effect occurs when your Unit comes through the entrance?)
Violet and green gases comes from the entrance.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] (What does the torturer do to your Unit if it's being tortured in a torture chamber?)
Playing on his bell like on drums.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] (What would the Advisor say about this unit?)
Likes: Arnatos
Jan 22, 2012
I would suggest lowering wage and torture rate to higher medium / lower medium

Gas might be treated like a poison ? Troll metabolism would be a good explanation for that, also i think slight dark resistance and slight fire weakness would fit nicely.

Skills are fine, if that hunger thingy passes this will be nice creature to possess ]:->

Generally it is nice to see something outside of general array of suggestions
Jan 22, 2012
No rather was dead tired ...

From what i recall in a thread i wrote about resistances they will be % based for each creature, so slight resistance to dark would be fine

How about if a fire crosses his gasses it will create an explosion ]:->
Apr 16, 2012
I love this monster :D It's similar to the bile demon yet so so so so unique :D

I like sarevokus's idea of dark and fire resistances, it does seem to flow nicely with the monster.

Maybe for torture it could have a gas mask placed on it and be forced to smell flowers or something? Just to contrast with it's nature of all things putrid :p though beating on the belly is still a nice idea

Edit: Or since it craves food maybe it could be strapped down and your creatures dangle food over its head, just out of reach :>
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