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(Creature) Cave Wyrm

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Jan 7, 2012
Look here: https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/cave-wyrm-ii-beast.4251/

Cave Dragon

Preface: Once majestic Predators of the North these degenerated descendants of frost dragons now stalk the realms of the underworld. It begun with a bunch of dragon youngs flushed down an icy river into the deepest caverns, after hundreds of generations crawling through the darkness the beasts evolved to the subterrean terrors they are now.
Cave Dragons lost their abbilitys of flight and their vision evolved to the worse, also their white perlmutable scales turned to a dirty whitisch grey. Neverless they developed new surviving techniques and are one of the most feared underground predators.

Appearance image: I didnt found a fitting picture so I drew one myself:


Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: medium/high
Armor: very Low, their belly is soft like a frog.
Movement Speed: slow, when in battle medium-fast in water
Attack strength: high
Attack speed: medium
Intelligence: low
Construction: zero
Training Rate: medium/slow
Training Cost: high
Wage: none
Gender: You really dont want to crawl under it.


Level1: biting and slashing-high melee damage
Level4: Ice breath - a large cone formed attack which deals medium frost damage. medium cooldown.
Level8: tailwhip - a single unit behinds the wyrm gets stunned. (low melee damge) low cooldown.
Level10: Frostbite - The Dragon latches its theet into a unit freezing it for 3-5 seconds and dealing high slash damage. while decreasing its own defense. very long cooldown.

Passiv abbility:
Frostgoo, the cavedragon learned to produce a transparent and very cold gel with its skin, every enemy unit which comes in contact with it (in battle) will get slowed down and will be more vulnerable for frost damage.

Weakness: slash, fire, light and electricy.
Resistance: blunt, ice and poison

Information: Cavedragons are fat four legged dragons, with big murky eyes witout pupils and little useless stumps were their wings once were. They are very shortsighted but their smell sense has evolved, which was nessesary because of their own terrible stench. Their long black tongues will tremble through the air to smell and spot enemys when enemy units are near. Also they are surprisingly fast in water because of their foot webbings which evolved.

Behavior in Dungeon: Cavedragons will eat a lot in long intervals, when idle they will visit the treasury fascinated from the gold or will follow female units (even if they cant remember why.) When not roaming through the dungeon they will sleep in the beastpit, flapping with their wings sometimes as if they would dream of the lost abbilitys of their roots.

Battle Style: They are offensive blitzers, dealing a lot of damage but being taken down easily when faced alone with great numbers of enemys.

Jobs: They will train when forced, also their presence in the beast pit will keep its inhabitants calm.
When they come across valuable shiny objects which arent already claimed they will swallow them to drag them to the treasury were they are spitted out.

Loves: Gold, Lakes, valuables, food and exploring.

Hates: Anything fire related unit will be chased and attacked, it also hates lawa and other beasts which arent smaller than itself, other cavedragons included.

Anger reaction: It will leave the dungeon, attacking anything it mets on its way.

Lair: a great hollow, full with lightblue slime and ice-incrusted skeletons.

Obtainable By: portal, or as neutral on the map.
Attracted by: great beastpit and treasury.

How Introduced: as a neutral creature in the lategame, maybe it could be a mission where you have to transport a shiny object safely from a to be without using your hand.

Entrance Effect: A cloud of frosty mist.

Torture: beeing tied to the way to small torture table and getting tormented with something hot.
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Jan 1, 2013
Nice idea, and an awesome drawing, even though I pity the dragon more than fear it ;)

If I may add some ideas:

The name Wyrm (worm, serpent) is probably the wrong name for your drawn creature. Wyrms/serpents generally have 2 hind legs, dragons have 4 legs. Either you choose to name it Cave/Frost/Ice Dragon, or redo the drawing with 2 less legs and keep the Wyrm/Wurm. Have a look at the following Magic the Gathering versions of Wurms:

Dragons are actually not stupid creatures, but very intelligent with social structures/abilities. I would suggest making the Wyrm slightly more intelligent (if you decide it to be a wyrm instead of dragon) being a decendent of dragons. Wyrms, coming from dragons, have definately more armour than "low" due to their scaled bodies, but the belly is their weak spot with no armour. So increase the armour to medium, but their attack speed to low (from medium) to balance it out again.
Jan 7, 2012
Ok Ill change the name, I thought of the cavedragon as one of the more intelligent beasts, but after generations of cave dwelling their armor and intelligence shrinked. So the adapted some abbilitys of olms. I thought a low armor would be necessary because of the high damage output.


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Dec 1, 2012
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I really don't think there's too much need to conform to what dragons/wyrms are like in other games, dungeon keeper 1 had purple orcs after all. Also in might and magic 6 I recall wyrms as having 4 legs, and in D&D if I remember correctly wyrms were just older larger dragons.
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