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[Creature] Chameleon (Shape Shifter)

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Blood Imp
Nov 10, 2012
I always enjoyed that level on D1 with the hellhound central dungeon, the heart surrounded by lava.
There is something very satisfying about a creature mechanic that allows for charging/infiltrating the opposition and not suffering constant losses such as the fly like scouts. As such, how about a stealth based minion?

Name Chameleon

Appearance Lizard/dragon-esque demon

Low health and armour, average speed, high luck and intelligence. A strategic unit, specifically designed for infiltration/assasination.

Low level Chameleons start with the ability to take on the appearance of their surroundings, stealth attacks enhancing damage in combat. Eventually gaining the ability to adapt to the shape of a slain enemy. In this form the Chameleon takes on a parasitic role, living amongst the enemy dungeon and earning his wage from there, all the while revealing the layout of the oppositions realm.

Higher level (or specific types) of enemy creatures put the Chameleons luck stats to the test however, and the risk of discovery often leads to creature combat. This is of course a natural phenomona overlooked by enemy keepers, and the only risk is the Chameleon loses the duel.

Just a rough sketch of a concept I haven't really seen much of, perhaps more spells that allow for backstab-esque/assassination type kills while roaming the enemy dungeon, allowing Chameleons to pick off weaker targets?


Jan 11, 2012
Hm. A sort of tall, lanky lizard-demon that can stealth and uses this ability to scout. Perhaps it can cross water silently?

I honestly don't like the idea of a Chameleon taking the shape of a slain enemy. That would allow for VERY silly possession tactics VERY quickly. I'd sooner see them with a duration-based stealth mechanic along with a "stand still and you're invisible" stealth mechanic to make them not able to just invisibly go EVERYWHERE without a problem. It'd allow them, especially if used by a smart player, to be effective scouts while not making them nigh impossible to track. Plus, infiltration based around a Luck stat... I think it was stated by the devs somewhere that they want to avoid as many percentiles and chance-based things as possible. There won't be a luck stat, likely, and I don't think there'll be a straight %chance of discovery for a creature in stealth (or mimicry).

If you want to keep the concept of "mimicking" their enemies in some fashion, perhaps one of their higher level abilities lets them take an ability from a recently slain enemy and use it a few times? Or perhaps it's an attack that also steals the next spell the enemy creature tries to cast (so that they can cast it instead)? And since they ARE a demon, stealing - even if it's stealing magic - seems just enough of a vice to be up their alley, especially when it brings the pleasure of using the enemy's own powers against them.

You may consider what the personality of the creature is. Personality is a huge part. Think of the creature's motivations, particularly; the creature will have wants and needs and favored methods of fighting. It sounds to me, for example, that this creature would avoid direct combat whenever possible unless other creatures of its own faction were attacking. This doesn't mean the creature is cowardly. It just means that it realizes there's an economy to combat, and the economics of "where I am" and "where the sword is" are very important to consider when you have lots of lovely meatshields that just know "UGG SMASH!" to take the swords for you.

All-in-all, I like the basic concept of this Chameleon. Play around with the idea more, and think about what is sensible, what avoids creating a lot of new mechanics, and what will be fun. Balance comes after that, and the devs know how to handle that best.
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