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[creature] Constrictor

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Jun 26, 2013

Highlight: A snake that can grow to be very large
Faction: Underlord / Neutral
Type: Serpent
Role: Support fighter
Acquired By: Hatchery, water
Basic Attack: [Melee/Ranged]
Offensive Power: Weak/Moderate
Defensive Power: Moderate
Resistances: Strong against magic
Movement: Slow on land, fast in water
Work: Lazy, eats and sleeps
Entertainment: Swims in water
Special Needs: They don't eat for a long time but when they do they eat a very large amount.
Upgrades: It gets very big.

T1-A small under power unit to begin with, good against magic but poor against melee.
T2- As the creature eats and trains he grows very large and long.

level 1 - (Bite) - weak melee attack.
level 3 - (Poisons spit) - Weak range attack
level 5 - (Blood sense) - Temporarily becomes immune to all magic.
level 10 - (Consume) - This giant snake opens its mouth wide enough to eat any other creature. Once swallowed the snake becomes vulnerable as it is too full to move or fight. While it lays there for a moderate amount of time digesting the swallowed creature has a chance of rescue. If the Constrictor is attacked in this digesting state it is killed, however by level 10 it has a much higher defence. If a creature is rescued it has very little health due to suffocation and digestion.
Appearance: Boa constrictor with big fangs
Likes: Eating and playing in water
Dislikes: Insects, sharp objects
Behaviour: This is a lazy creature that will spend days swimming about in water or sleeping. It likes to build up an appetite the gorge on a ridiculous amount of food. It looks at insect as food and if it is really hungry will make do by eating imps!!! At low levels this is a small creature who's resistance to magic is its only real use. It is particularly weak against sharp weapons. As it grows it becomes more of a brute with it's melee attack and defence increasing drastically.
Additional: - It could do with a better name.
- One idea was to have the consume ability at a lower level, it would not work on high end creatures. Instead this ability would be what caused the snake to grow so much bigger.
- Torture with the use of a peeler
- Layer - A branch to wrap around
or - Coil up on the floor

- It only gets angry if it is not fed enough, at which point it goes and finds some imps to munch on.
- I have stolen several ideas for this one, I didn't see any reptiles suggested.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
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Dec 29, 2012
i dont think this is a creature that we will see in official Development.
there is proabably the same Problem with it as with the Augres tail, a Big Snake would fit a Tile which means its either ugly because they try to fit it or it uses more than one which would require additional coding at the base of the game.

Still , maybe thrre is a solution im no Programmer who knows?
I will add it
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Jan 7, 2012
there are some weird desert snakes which crawl very fast in an sss form, if the snake would "walk2 like this it could fit on a tile, but it would look akward.
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