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[Creature] Cyclops

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Jun 6, 2012
I noticed in one of the 'Announcement' threads from a couple of months ago that a construction-capable unit using blunt damage was requested as one of the roles the devs still wanted to fill. I don't know if that niche has already been filled, nor do I know if a similar concept to the one I'm about to pitch has been posted here already, but I figured I'd give this a shot. Read on.


Preface: An imposing, single-eyed behemoth with a trusty blunt weapon. Skilled in the workshop.

Health: Moderate
Armor: Low/None
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: High
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: Low (capable though ineffectual at research)
Construction: Extremely High (one of your most proficient workshop labourers)
Training Rate: Moderate
Training Cost: Moderate
Wage: Moderate
Gender: Male (as they predominantly tend to be in lore)


Special Utility: Presence

Whilst in the vicinity of one or more Cyclopes, allied units become less likely to flee battle whilst opposing units become more likely to flee. This effect stacks (up to a pre-defined limit) depending on how many Cyclopes are present in combat.

Ability 1: Bash

The Cyclops strikes a single enemy with his trusty club, dealing a moderate amount of damage to his primary target and an additional, lower amount of damage to any other enemies within the immediate vicinity. (Basic Melee, Blunt Damage)

Ability 2: Spin

The Cyclops spins on the spot for several seconds, knocking back, and causing high damage to, any enemies that stray too close. Whilst active, the Cyclops can still receive ranged damage, but is immune to any crowd control effects such as knockbacks, stuns, etc. The Cyclops cannot use any other abilities whilst Spin is active. (Melee/Utility, Blunt Damage, 3-5sec duration, 15-20sec CD).

Ability 3: Thick Skin

The Cyclops immediately sheds all harmful effects from himself (bleeds, poisons, burns, etc) and gains temporary immunity to such effects. Thick Skin does not prevent crowd control such as stun, daze, knockback. (Utility/Cleanse, 30sec CD, 10sec Duration)

Ability 4: Watchful Eye

The Cyclops keeps a watchful eye over a single unit, decreasing all damage taken by the unit if allied, or increasing all damage taken by the unit if hostile. This effect can only be active on one unit at any given time. (Utility, Passive/Activated)

Weaknesses/Resistances: Possible resistances against blunt and slashing to fit into the 'Thick Skin' concept and the sheer size of these creatures. Could be compensated for by weaknesses against magic.

Information: A moderately powerful combat unit with solid survivability and a couple of interesting utility options. Also a highly skilled labourer, keen on spending time in your Workshop (or equivalent construction-based room) where he is one of your most dependable and hasty manufacturers.

Appearance: Much larger than your average unit, the Cyclops’s physical appearance blurs the boundaries between human, giant and ogre. His upper body is particularly bulky. He has a single, large eye in the middle of his forehead, and never goes anywhere without his overly-large wooden club – just as useful in the workshop as it is in combat.

Behavior in Dungeon: When left to its own devices, the Cyclops favours construction/manufacturing and will choose to spend a substantial amount of time labouring in your workshop. It also enjoys training, though will always prioritise manufacturing if available.

Battle Style: Generalist - a standard front-line soldier with a mixture of offensive, defensive and utility abilities.

Jobs: Training & Construction. The Cyclops is also vaguely capable of guarding, research and other tasks, but lacks the proficiency it has for construction – where possible, it is always a wise move to ensure this unit is in your training room or workshop.

Loves: Construction work.

Hates: Research (though it is capable of performing this task, it will lose morale while doing so)

Anger reaction: The Cyclops will cause damage to your rooms, and possibly attack your weaker creatures, before leaving your dungeon. It is particularly prone to obliterating it’s own workshop.

Lair: I have no idea, but it’d have to be rather large.

Obtainable By: Creature. Attracted through portal.

Attracted by: A workshop (minimum 4x4). Only so many Cyclopes will be attracted depending on this room’s size (owing to their own impressive height and stature). To attract a significant number of Cyclopes to the same dungeon, a particularly large workshop (or multiple separate workshops) may be necessary.

How Introduced: Cyclopes would be attracted to your dungeon from one of the earliest levels, as they are invaluable for construction and amongst your primary workshop labourers.

Entrance Effect: Stomping footsteps precede this creature’s arrival. It will let out an echoing bellow to announce itself to its new master.

Torture: Stab it in the eye with a fork?

Any thoughts? Suggestions or revisions you think should be made? I'm all ears.

Edit: Updated to revise Battle Style and slightly reduce stats. They should hopefully now be more in line with the idea that this unit is attained at a fairly early stage and is predominantly suited to performing dungeon roles such as construction rather than being preferable as a combat unit.
Jan 22, 2012
You wrote that this creature is reckless blitzer, from his abilities he would make better wall/tank than blitzer. From DK2 types blitzer is the one who rushes to kill supports and he would work better in front lines. Also if he rushes into enemy why does he have ability to protect ?
Jun 6, 2012
Your utility needs to change, it wouldn't work in our system.
Okay. Just brainstorming, I'm not really aware of what would/wouldn't be feasible. I might make some edits, but really I'm just pitching the idea rather than the details.

You wrote that this creature is reckless blitzer, from his abilities he would make better wall/tank than blitzer. From DK2 types blitzer is the one who rushes to kill supports and he would work better in front lines. Also if he rushes into enemy why does he have ability to protect ?
I struggled to outline the battle style using the basic archetypes from DK/DK2. I used the term Blitzer predominantly to indicate he's moderately damage-based; i.e. he's not a pure tank or pure support or anything along those lines. Not necessarily to indicate that he'd act as the sort of high-DPS fighter who's going to decimate all the enemy support, as the term means in DK2 lingo.

In truth, because I envisioned him as a fairly low-level unit (that is, you'd acquire him early in the game, not that he can't level up), I think he's more of a generalist in style. He's got some damage, he's got some defence, he's got a tad of utility, but he doesn't really have a specialised role in combat. I also figured he'd be a front-line fighter, rather than the clever type that obliterates the enemy support, because Cyclopes aren't traditionally the most clever creatures.

I'll probably edit the battle style to reflect that. Is "generalist" an adequate term? Because I really don't envision him fitting squarely into any of the standard archetypes. "Jack of all trades, Master of none" springs to mind.
Jan 22, 2012
If you want it to be a low lvl unit drop down attack and health, those are too good for a creature that is usefull bec ause it is good worker early
Jun 6, 2012
If you want it to be a low lvl unit drop down attack and health, those are too good for a creature that is usefull bec ause it is good worker early
I figured the lack of armour would compensate for the high health, and the slow attack speed would compensate would for the high damage. If it still seems a bit overpowered, I'll drop them down a notch though. As I said to Zuriki, it's more the general idea I'm pitching than the intricacies of how it performs. Such things would probably be changed drastically if this idea were used, so I don't see a great deal of purpose in tweaking each statistic and ability to perfection.

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
WFTO Backer
Jan 23, 2013
i think it should be fatter,, more warty and less bony. Also in the picture it has a skull in it's hand - i really like the idea of the cyclops smashing its foes with a large primitive skull rather than a club. everyone has clubs these days. lets be unique!


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
I am ok with the cyclops presented in the screenshot. I think they can be capable tanks. They might even catch projectiles, that were intended to hit squishier targets. On an unrelated note: Why is the cyclops in the screenshot wearing Schiesser Herrenunterwäsche?
Jun 27, 2012
The spin attack seems a bit odd for a cyclops, seems more suitable for a dervish or other light fighter.

What about a wide swing instead that knocks back everyone, doing all that damage in one sweep instead of several spins. Would mean he doesnt hit behind him with it, but in front and at the sides still, as far as he can reach with his club.

Might also be interesting if he has a minor magic ability that uses the eye.


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Jan 14, 2013
I was skeptical at first , as I dislike most of the creature suggestions I have seen on here so far. But this one I like, especially with that art it can work, it looks monstrous enough, something that you could come across in caverns.

Lord Proteus

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Mar 8, 2013
I support the idea of a Cyclops creature being WFtOW, as I feel more classic creatures need to make it in. Not sure about it's Presence ability, though, really a lot of creatures would have that ability if it was based purely on how threatening they appear. The Watchful Eye power also seems out of place, as it makes the Cyclops seem more like a General, and seems to me like it has no reason to have that ability, nor why the ability does what it does.

Decide what the Cyclops is meant to be first, then use that to create it's abilities. I also think the Club should be replaced with an actual Hammer, to represent that they take their crafting very seriously.


Ember Demon
WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2011
I imagine Cyclops would be very clumsy when it came to melee combat, our 2 eyes are adapted to the 3D world around us.
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