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[creature] Dark Crusader

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Feb 9, 2012
Name: Dark Crusader

Appearance images: (for inspiration)
These are pics of a regular crusader, I just put these here so you can get a general idea of his basic look. My idea for him is to look like a regular crusader but much more evil.


Health: Medium
Armor: high
Movement Speed: average
Attack strength: medium-high
Attack speed: average
Intelligence: slow researcher
Construction: none
Training Rate: moderate
Training Cost: high
Wage: high
Gender: male


level 1: the dark crusader attacks his targets using his flail

level 4: (shield bash) - the dark crusader bashes an enemy with his tower shield knocking it back and stunning it for a few seconds. it also inflicts low damage and has semi low cool down time. The shield bash may have little to know effect on large or powerful enemies.

level 6: (unholy lightning) - the dark crusader swings his flail, causing electricity to surge through it, then he hits his shield with the flail causing the energy to now surge through his shield, then he propels it forward and shoots a red bolt of lightning at a target, causing medium lightning damage and low lightning damage, as well stunning the target since its lightning. moderate cool down time

level 7: (steal health) - the dark crusader has the power to steal some health from one of his enemies/moderate cool down time

level 8: (unholy chain lightning) - this red lightning bolt is much more deadly than the other. It inflicts high lightning damage and low dark damage; it can hits up to 5 creatures at a time. the dark crusader casts this spell in the same fashion as the regular lighting spell. long cool down time

level 10: (hell wave) - the dark crusader spins his flail, causing an energy build up, like his lighting attacks. Then he slams his flail on the ground causing a red shock wave that goes out in all directions and has a moderate radius. anyone caught in the shock wave will be pushed away a good distance. large and powerful creatures will only be stunned by the shock wave. Also your creatures are immune to it. long cool down time

Weaknesses: light damage, blunt damage/Resistance: dark damage, slashing damage

Behavior in Dungeon: The Dark crusader is generally loyal to you, as long as his needs are met. If he is hungry, then there better be some food in that hatchery, if he is tired, then you best let him sleep, when its payday, there had better be some gold in that treasury BITCH.

-The dark crusader likes all that is evil, he enjoys peoples suffering and will visit the torture room to either watch with enjoyment or participate in the torture itself. He also likes creatures who are particularly evil and cruel in nature and would rather hang with them.

-The dark crusader likes to train and he will do this job at will. He is also a researcher, however he is quite slow at it you will need to order him to do this.

-He dislikes heroes and will become annoyed very quickly if around them for too long, also keep him away from his holy counterpart "The Crusader".

-The dark crusader loyally serves the dark gods and will pray in the temple (equivalent) occasionally.

-If left idle, then he might hang out in a tavern or something, he isn't much of an explorer.

Battle Style: flanker/caster

Jobs: training, praying, some researching, guarding

Obtainable By: portal

Hates: does not like converted heroes///despises good crusaders and will not hesitate to fight them. This
hatred will be put aside for battle however

Loves: anything evil

Anger reaction: If he does happen to get angry then he might start vandalizing your dungeon, and maybe even start killing your creatures.

Lair: a thrown like chair with skulls at the top

Appearance: I want his appearance to look similar to that of the regular crusader except for his armor is black and the crosses on his armor and shield are upside down. Also there should be a pentagram on his helmet and a red smoke is coming from the eye slits of his helmet.

How Introduced: most likely, he will be introduced in the first level where you get a temple (or whatever room will replace it)

Attracted by: 5x5 dark temple, training room, guard room (equivalent)

Entrance Effect: screams of pain will emit from the portal, followed by an evil laugh. Then a flash of red lighting, the crusader will rise up and propel downward breaking the fall with his shield.

Torture: the dark crusader is held down and holy water is constantly dumped into his helmet as he squirms and screams in pain.

Mentor Quotes: Behold, the dark crusader. once a holy warrior of light and justice, but no longer. Many a dark entity has he faced and horrors unspeakable witnessed, until his mind warped and he rose a crusader of hate with a heart of nightmares, willing to do the evilist of biddings.

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Feb 9, 2012
Both this and my Crusader didn't fair too well last time. I've updated him from the last version, switching to the newer format but also added some more details to make him more interesting and less bland.
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