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[Creature] Demon Lord

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Jul 5, 2012
Name: Demon Lord

Preface: I wanted to create this because of the horned reaper in dk 1. It was my favorite creature and hopefully this can be its substitute in WFTO.

Appearance Image:

Stats: Above Average

Health: High

Armor: Average

Movement Speed: Average

Attack Strength: High

Attack Speed: High

Intelligence: Average

Construction: Low

Training Rate: Average

Training Cost: High

Wage: Really High

Gender: Male


Level 1: Melee

Level 3: Furious Cleave (Strong Attack)

Level 6: Protection (Increases armor for a moderate period of time)

Level 10: Molten Storm (lava swirls around the demon lord for AOE damage to others long cool down)

-passive increases morale of surrounding minions

Weaknesses/Resistances: Immune to fire.

Information: The Demon Lord is a strong creature. Can gain powerful skills as he levels up. While creatures surround the Demon Lord on the battlefield they gain a morale boost so they will not flee unless he is slain. He enjoys fighting and slaughtering heroes as well as enemy creatures but with that he spends a lot of time training at first. He can get angered by few things but once they do bother him he goes berserk.

Appearance: A large red creature with very jagged flesh. He has glowing fiery eyes with molten lava boiling in his mouth. At the sides of his head 2 horns emerge. He wields a giant 2 handed axe stained with the blood of slain foes.

Behavior in Dungeon: Immediately starts training but then goes to the guard room after hitting level 10. He protects your dungeon and other weaker demonic creatures that inhabit it.

Battle Style: He is a strong and aggressive fighter who will fight to death without fleeing. Uses strong, brutal attacks.

Jobs: The Demon Lord will guard your dungeon through the guard room as he feels he must protect to the death. Doesn’t wish to research or craft however.

Loves: Fighting, training, and guarding your dungeon.

Hates: Being imprisoned, Slapped, Starved, or Tortured.

Anger reaction: Rages and goes straight for your dungeon heart.

Lair: A throne made of obsidian, seeping lava.

Obtainable By: Attracted through the portal, converted, or found neutral.

Attracted by: Guard Rooms, Training Rooms, Other demonic creatures, Slaughtered hero bodies.

How Introduced: a while through the game as he is in possesion of another keeper.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] when emerging through portal lava erupts everywhere as the creature roars spewing sparks from his mouth.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] He is held down and symbols are carved into the creature’s skin with a skeletal blade.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Behold keeper, the legendary Demon Lord. He will guard your dungeon to the death. But, If he is angered say farewell to your dungeon forever.
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