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[creature] Devil Spawn

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Feb 9, 2012
Name: Devil Spawn

Preface: I decided to make an early game unit since not enough people seem to suggest them. I know we all want our mid-late game bad asses but we do need starters.

Appearance image: (for inspiration)


Health: below average
Attack: low
Armour: low
Accuracy: below average
Agility: high
Speed: (Attack - high / Movement Speed - high)
Recovery Rate: average
Intelligence: dumbass
Construction: doesn't manufacture
Training Rate: average
Training Cost: average
Wage: moderate
Gender: Male

Level 1: attacks with his pitch fork

level 4: Fire Ball - the devil spawn shoots a fireball at a target, dealing weak fire damage. short cool down

Level 8: flaming Pitchfork - the Devils pitchfork becomes ignited for about 15 seconds, adding moderate fire damage to his attacks . long cool down

special: if you train a Devil Spawn passed level 10 it will become a level one Devil. However doing this is not easy. The training cost to do this is very high and the Devil spawn becomes rather lazy at level 10. Also, it takes a lot of experience points.

-can cross lava

Weaknesses: light damage/Resistances: fire/dark

Information: The Devil Spawn is an early game unit. He isn't too strong to start out with but he does have some useful abilities in later levels, not to mention he is quite fast. The devil spawn is very stupid, and will charge right into battle no matter how much he is under powered. If you take the time to train him he can be useful in fights, but make sure you have him backed up while deploying him in battle so he doesn't get himself killed.

The Devils kind of like them and other demons may not mind their presents. However, some see the Devil spawn as a shame to all demons due to his stupidity and will avoid him at all costs. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the devil spawn is a psycho path who likes to stalk and kill enemy workers and creatures that are weaker than him; it gets his blood pumping and puts big smile on his face.

Behavior in Dungeon: when left idle The Devil spawn will explore a lot and kill weak enemies that cross his path. He doesn't guard, manufacture, or research.

-he will like to explore in groups of other devil spawns
-He will train but not always at will. At level 10 they are very lazy and getting them to train may be difficult.
-the devil spawn will like hanging around other demons in your dungeon, however some demons dislike them
-The devil spawn gets a strange sick pleasure out of killing enemy workers. If he has the chance to find an opening to an enemy keeper, he will wait for a Bloodimp to walk by and pounce on him. Boy does he like to here him scream. This can be useful to some degree as it can reduce your enemies worker line, however most keepers will not stand for this and push that little bastard out as soon as possible.

Battle Style: blitzer

Jobs: training/exploring

Obtainable By: portal

Hates: they despise heroes and will attack them.

Loves: killing enemy workers for fun/other demonic creatures/devils/other devil spawns
Anger reaction: leave/kill your workers/vandalize your dungeon

Lair: a small pit filled with flesh and blood

Appearance: The devil spawn takes on the classic imp design (I am not refering to the imps of Dungeon keeper). A small annoying demon, usually red and sometimes depicted wielding a pitchfork. The devil spawn is so, having a pitchfork.

How Introduced: early in the game

Attracted by: lair and a hatchery

Entrance Effect: some fire shoots up from the portal and the devil spawn jumps out

Torture: the devil spawn is repeatedly beaten and stabbed with his own pitchfork

this creature is related to my devil post here;
Likes: Bustercall
Feb 9, 2012
Well I ended up creating this thread before I could add in any more poll questions. So if you think this unit is less than ok (such as bad or really bad) than you can just state so in your post. However if a moderator could add in those 2 additional options that would be very appreciated.
Feb 10, 2012
We do need more starter units, and we are deep underground. . .so why not devil spawns? i think these guys would work fine as a start unit and their special ability/worker killing might make me keep some around later on ;D
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