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[Creature] Dullahan

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Jul 22, 2012

Preface: The Dullahan originates from celtic / Irish mythology. In the original myth The Dullahan is the possessed headless creatures traditionally on horseback. The Dullahan is credited as inspiration for the headless horseman trope that is prevalent in a range of media from Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow to a character in the Anime Durarara.
Quite frequently in Role playing games Dullahan’s are depicted dismounted stylistically as a self animating suit of armour with helmet and head absent for aesthetic reasons. This is how i envision them being implemented in WFTO because i feel that this style would be in keeping with the dungeon setting of the game as no units are depicted as mounted in DK2.

Appearance image:

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Medium
Armor: High
Movement Speed: Medium
Attack strength: Medium
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: Low ( unable to research)
Construction: Low ( unable to manufacture)
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: low
Food: None
Gender: Androgynous
Weaknesses/Resistances: Weak: Electric & Light Strong: Poison& Dark

Information: I envision the Dullahan to be an undead unit that is produced when either a Black Knight or a heroric Knight dies in a prison as an alternative to them raising a skeleton. They are not as strong in their attacks compared to Black knight’s but have higher speed. I see them been implemented as an alternative mid-game upgrade to the Skeleton. They share similar traits to skeletons that they envoke and are immune to fear causing them to relentlessly hunt down foes. They will be similar to skeletons in not requiring any food from a hatchery. However the Dullahan will have similar qualities to the Black Knights that they require wages and a lair. Dullahan’s differ from Skeleton’s in that Imps can drag them back to a lair to recover. Alternatively they could respawn at a prison with the loss of a level similar to Vampires. Dullahan’s can also be captured and converted by enemy keepers.

Appearance: Headless suit of armour wielding a large sword.

Behavior in Dungeon: similar behaviour model to DK2’s Skeletons ie if not training they will wander around the Dungeon seeking foes to fight.
(When idle, what does your Unit do? Also has typical behavior, such as things it tends to do and what kind of creatures it hangs out with, and to what types of rooms it goes.)

Battle Style: Tank style combat similar to a black Knights. Envokes and is immune to fear. Due to low intelligence has a low perception of enermy traps and is more likely to stumble upon stealthed traps. Will not retreat in battle even if the odds are against the unit.

Jobs: Training

Loves: Black Knights & Skeletons
Hates: heroic Knights, Pixie / Fairy & Monk

Anger reaction: Attacks creatures that it Hates

Lair: standard Lair

Obtainable By: Knight or Black Knight dieing in a prison. ( perhaps with only a 20% chance of spawing a Dullahan compared with a skeleton.

Attracted by: Requires Prison. Attracted to Combat Pit

How Introduced: End of Mid game unit in a dungeon that requires use of undead units.

Entrance Effect:
Torture: application of electricity causing electrocution.

Additional image:

Jan 22, 2012
You know / read that there won't be the same creatures in WftO as in DK series ?

You forgot skills .... (around 3-4 max + 1 utility skill)

Lord Proteus

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Mar 8, 2013
I like Dullahan's, so I would enjoy seeing such a creature appear in WFtOW. Below is my take on the creature, but it retains some of the OP's(Original Posters) information.

Faction: Underlord​
Type: Other
Role: Melee Fighter​
Basic Attack: Sword​
Acquired By: Chance to be created when an Intelligent humanoid with a high armor rating dies in the Prison.​
Health: Medium​
Armor: High​
Offensive Power: Moderate
Attack speed: Moderate​
Movement Speed: Medium​
Intelligence: Low ( unable to research)
Construction: Low ( unable to manufacture)​
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: low
Food: None (possibly Mana)
Gender: Androgynous
Resistances: Weak - Acid, Light/Holy. Strong - Poison, Darkness/Shadow
Work: Combat, Sentry
Entertainment: Combat, Observing Combat, Sentry Duty.
Special Needs: None (possibly Mana)​
Upgrades: N/A

Undead: As an undead creature, the Dullahan knows no fear and has a supernatural aura of fear around it, and causes more fear than normal for a creature it's size. Undead take +10% damage from Holy/Light based attacks.
Wight Armor: The creatures armor is empowered with supernatural energy, and decreases the amount of magical damage it receives by 10%. this bonus is increased to 20% if it is repeatedly hit by the same spell in succession. Holy/Light based attacks bypass this defense.​
Unfeeling: Like most undead creatures, the Dullahan has no nervous system, vital organs or soft spots to take advantage of, this makes a critical strike less useful against such a creature, conferring a bonus to it's protection against being critically hit. Unfeeling creatures take 20% less damage from Critical Hits. Critical Hits done with a Holy/Light based attacks bypass this ability.
Wight Blade: The Dullahan can empower it's blade with the same supernatural energy that charges it's armor, dealing damage and bypassing 20% of the target's armor. [Cooldown - Moderate]
Horrid Scream: The Dullahan lifts it's head up in front of it to face it's targets and lets loose a supernatural scream, dealing a small amount of magical damage in a cone in front of the creature and has a chance to stun anyv creatures caught in the cone for 1-2 seconds. [Cooldown - Long]
Soul Rend: The Wight blade carried by the Dullahan is charged with a massive amount of the creatures supernatural power, allowing it to strike at the very soul of it's target. This attack deals a large amount of damage and can cause the target to flee. [Cooldown - Very long]

Appearance: An armored humanoid carrying it's disembodied head at the waist with it's left arm, and wielding a sword in the other.​
Likes: Training, Watching combat, Sentry Duty, Watching Prisoners.​
Dislikes: Inquisitors and other holy figures of the light.​
Behaviour: When not training or watching others fight, it will either patrol the Underlords territory or stand sentry at a guardroom.
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