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[Creature] Faceless

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Nov 6, 2012
Name - Faceless

Preface - A Faceless is a creature rightly feared amongst heroes and creatures. As well as a horrid, outlandish appearance, that alone is enough for creatures to question their sanity, it enjoys using it's magics to tamper with minds and pervert senses of reality. It is a support creature that has no attack of it's own, instead causing insanity amongst enemies and enhancing allies at a cost of their sanity.

Appearance image: (Picked the thing closest to what I had in mind ;3)

Health: Low
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: None
Attack speed: None
Intelligence: High
Construction: Not Available
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Medium
Gender: Assumed male

Level 1, Magic Attack - A projectile less magic attack that attacks the mind of the enemy. Each attack builds charges of 'Insanity'. After so many charges, the target goes temporarily insane, attacking nearby creatures except the Faceless.
Level 1, Spell 1 - Makes the target babble incoherently, stunning it shortly. Medium cooldown.
Level 3, Spell 2 - Used on an ally to remove it's body's limiters, increase it's speed and attack, but causes damage over time. Short cooldown.
Level 5, Spell 3 - Used on an ally to dull it's sense of pain. Makes it absorb all damage shortly, but is hit with all the damage absorbed afterwards, though can't be killed by the effect. Medium cooldown.
Level 7, Spell 4 - Makes the target insane, causing it to attack anything nearby except the Faceless for a short time. Long cooldown.
Level 10, Spell 5 - Enemies nearby struggle to make sense of what's before them. Stuns all enemies in a radius around the Faceless shortly. Long cooldown.

Weaknesses/Resistances: No resistances or particular weaknesses.

Information: A fragile and slow creature with no way to damage creatures itself. It's main strength comes from it's supportive abilities. Alone, it can turn enemy creatures against each other, while with a group of your own creatures, it can make them stronger while causing damaging effects to them and continueing it's mind based assaults on the enemy.

Appearance: A humanoid creature, very thin and of a medium height, tends to slouch forwards. It's skin is a pale white. It has 6 long, boneless fingers on it's hand, no thumbs. Tattered robes cover the waist and legs, dragging on the floor. The skin on it's torso is tight against it's rib cage and the stomach area looks like it needs a sandwich or 10. Oh, and it has no face.

Behavior in Dungeon: If creatures are inside your prison, the Faceless will torment them to increase their own happiness. Otherwise, they will amuse themselves in Libraries and wandering around aimlessly.
Battle Style: Support. Focuses on buffing allies and debuffing enemies, stays behind melee creatures.

Jobs: Research, Guard.

Loves: Insanity. Being around insane creatures during battle, or tormenting creatures in a prison increases it's happiness. Also likes to research.

Hates: Sanity. Being around other creatures, except other Faceless, slowly drains it's happiness.

Anger reaction: When angry enough, it causes random nearby creatures to go insane, lowering their happiness and making them fight with each other.

Lair: Something suitably insane :3

Obtainable By: Portal

Attracted by: Prison, Library

How Introduced: Found entertaining itself with the fragile minds of heroes.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Involountary camera movement towards the point of entrance for a second.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Can't be tortured.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Avert your eyes, PLAYER. A Faceless has emerged from the pits.
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