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Creature: Fire-Bug [Crafter]

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Dec 17, 2011


Health: Not much health, but hard to hurt.
Attack: Low, crafting tools
Armour: High - Fire-resistant chittin
Accuracy: medium
Agility: medium-high: Bug-like reflexes
Speed: Attack speed slow, movement speed good
Luck: Very low
Recovery Rate: Low
Intelligence: Low
Construction: High
Training Rate: Average
Training Cost: slightly above average
Wage: Average.
Gender: NONE

Level 1: Death Cry
This creature can sacrifice it's remaining health to attract nearby friendly units. Amount of health used is what decides the radius of effect. Effect on friendly creatures 50% chance. Friendly insect like creatures (spiders, other Fire-bugs) 100% chance.

Level 4: Immolation
This creature surrounds its self with a flammable secretion. Attacks made against a Fire-bug with this active deal 10% fire dammage back to the attacker. Lasts 1.5 seconds per creature level or 4 seconds.

Level 2: Fire spit
A short but ranged projectile that does minimal dammage.

Level 10: Burrow
This creature can escape through the ground back to the it's lair when defeated in combat. It returns at level 5 and takes double time to heal back to full health.

Information: Once a part of a great underground race known as the Hive, they were mostly wiped out by the heroes and only a few of the workers survived to wander the world. Looking for a new Hive to keep them safe, in return they use their defence and craft skills to assist their new masters.

Behavior in Dungeon: When idle a Fire-Bug moves between the workshops and the dungeon heart. Will not train without instruction. Fire-Bugs will group together whenever possible, they will likey eat, rest and work all at the same time to maximise the time together.

Battle Style: Blocker, this unit has very low health but a good defence and armour. If outnumbered or attacked alone it is likely to active it's Death Cry power. Slow rate of attack and will (unless told otherwise) always attack the same targets as other nearby Fire-Bugs.

Jobs: Crafting is the top job for this creature. It will only train if instructed, or idle and another Fire-Bug is already training. I like the idea that they can fortify walls, will leave that one to debate.

Obtainable By: Neutral/attracted

Hates: Walking in water, it damages them very very slowly.

Loves: Other Fire-Bugs, any insectiod creatures.

Anger reaction: Very difficult to anger due to loyalty. However as they are a hive type creature, having an angry bug increases the anger of all the others, once they are all angry they leave together!

Lair: A termite mound crossed with a volcano.

Appearance: A Fire-Bug is a beetle type creature with a dark carapase with red markings.

How Introduced: Whenever the first is found/attracted. Likely early game.

Attracted by:As wanderers I think that a % chance per controlled tile could be interesting, multiplied by workshop and nearby lava. So the bigger the dungeon the better the chances.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Chinese water torture.

Mentor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] One of your Fire-Bugs has found and eaten some beans.....this could be interesting.
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