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(creature) Giant Worm

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Feb 10, 2012
Name: Giant Worm


Health: low
Attack: melee
Armour: low
Accuracy: medium
Agility: low
Speed: high
Luck: average
Recovery Rate: high
Intelligence: very low
Construction: n/a
Training Rate: medium
Training Cost: low
Wage: low
Gender: n/a

level 1: melee, the worm attacks with its large mouth, biting the target

level 4: it gains a passive ability to quickly regenerate health

level 8: gains a corrosive acid that passively decreases the armor of its target

level 10: when killed its body multiplies into several level 1-4 giant worms

Information: a giant worm, melee unit, for early game.

Behavior in Dungeon: it eats more than most units, spending time browsing the hatchery, and sleeps seldom. when not eating it will explore much like the firefly did. if has a low chance to train on its own but if dropped into the training room will do so.

Battle Style: blitzer. it will attack viciously but retreats at low health. in a group they are more ferocious

Jobs: it has a low priority with training. other than that it explores and eats.

Obtainable By: portal.

Hates: this creature hates nothing being it's just a giant worm, unless it make sense such as there being a bird-type creature.

Loves: it loves nothing and cares not about its company.

Anger reaction: if angered this creature will destroy claimed tiles

Lair: a mound of dirt, or a hole in the floor

Appearance: a thick, roughly 8 foot long worm, with a large mouth.

How Introduced: being an early game unit it simply crawls through your portal

Attracted by: this creature needs no rooms to be attracted through to your dungeon, although it does require a lair and food, it can be obtained by simply having a portal.

Entrance Effect: crawls up the side of the portal and shakes dirt off of itself.

Torture: it gets a large hook put through it as though to be used as bait. it squirms frantically while this is happening

Mentor Quotes: "Ah, a Giant Worm has burrowed its way into your domain. These subterranean creatures may seem feeble but are menacing in greater numbers, and with their exploratory nature serve as decent scouts."

here are some pictures for inspiration. naturally it's not to scale but i imagine its body looking something very similar to these.


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Feb 9, 2012
I think this is a neat idea for an early game unit. I can see it bumping heads with the phoenix if that creature happens to make it in the game.
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