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[Creature] Golem

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Mar 22, 2012
Name: Golem

Preface: Inspired by the mythic concept of the Golem in Jewish folklore. Much like its folklore counterpart, the Golem (or Golems) would be animated creatures of earth and rock, highly obedient and dependable whilst also being extremely formidable in combat.

Appearance image: http://www.dragonage-game.de/images/content/characters/Shale/Shale-Artwork.jpg


Health: Very High
Armor: Very High
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: Medium
Attack speed: Very Slow
Intelligence: Low
Construction: Poor
Training Rate: Very Slow
Training Cost: Medium/High
Wage: Low
Gender: Indeterminate.

Melee/Club (Level One) - The Golem raises its fists and clubs downward at it's primary target. (Low/Medium Blunt Damage)

Swing (Level Two) - The Golem swings its arm outward, damaging multiple targets within range [for slightly less damage than Club]. (Low Blunt Damage)

Protector (Level Three) [Passive] - A small percentage (5%? 10%?) of damage inflicted to nearby allied units is instead transferred to the Golem.

Tremor (Level Five) - The Golem jumps, causing a shockwave on impact that crowd controls (stun? knockdown? knockback? Suggestions welcome) nearby targets. (No Damage/Low Blunt Damage)

Avenger (Level Seven) [Passive] - The Golem's damage output gradually increases as its health decreases [meaning a Golem with little remaining health would deal considerably more damage than a Golem with full health - which would synergise well with 'Behemoth' and 'Protector'].

Behemoth (Level Nine) - The Golem bellows a furious cry, forcing all nearby hostile units to attack it (rather than attack allies) for X seconds.

Crush (Level Ten) - The Golem executes a low-health hostile unit with a crushing attack (would be an instant kill, but only against targets below, say, 10% health), causing small splash damage to nearby targets and instantly regenerating X amount of health (10%?). (OHK, Low/Medium AoE 'splash' damage)

Resistance: Blunt, Slash, Poison, Electricity (It's made of rock - such things would negligible)
Weakness: Fire & Ice (It's made of rock - and is powerless against the elements)

The multiple resistances enforce the concept of the Golem being a dependable 'tank', and highly impervious to harm - but were all also logical choices (if four is too many, Poison and/or Electricity could feasibly be dropped). If this results in the Golem seeming overpowered, then Light & Dark could also be added to it's weaknesses, creating a creature which is either protected against, or weakened to, all damage types.

Information: A unique unit with gothic overtones and a religious lore, Golems are unintelligent and largely incapable of precise labour (and so won't be caught researching or constructing...), but are dependable servants and formidable damage-sponges. They work especially when in a group offensive, wherein - at higher levels - they can simultaneously protect their allies and empower themselves by receiving damage. Golems have a distinctive look, folklore (which could also be adapted to fit into the fictional lore of WftO), dungeon role (being an effective manual worker keen to assist fellow Worker Units) and combat style. They also have an impassioned hatred of other Golems, and will immediately fight each other if allowed to meet.

Appearance: Large, stocky and slightly rounded in appearance (although a little rough around the edges), Golems are crude figures carved of stone, animated by ancient magic that gives an ethereal - and terrifying - glow to their eyes. They may also be adorned with runes, gems, carvings or plant-life (all just ideas).

Behavior in Dungeon: The Golem has no need for sleep nor food, but nor does it excel at research or construction. Rather, it would prefer to spend its time honing its skills by training, guarding precious resources or rooms, or simply contemplating the sad reality of it's existence; to whatever extent a Golem is capable of contemplation. Sometimes, in lieu of more engaging orders, the Golem may assist worker units in simple tasks - but it isn't very quick at it. Or, if it likes, it might just stand around for a while. A long while. Try to give your Golem something to do every once in a while though - it may not have many uses, but if it feels under-utilised, it will start to become angry...

Battle Style: A support class/tank. The Golem is highly adept at absorbing damage, and synergises best as part of a larger offensive - it may be nigh-impenetrable, but its damage output is disappointingly lacking for a creature of its size.

Jobs: Guarding, Manual Labour (alongside Worker units)

Loves: Simple Labour, Continuous Orders, Guarding Rooms/Resources and Protecting Allies.

Hates: Other Golems, Lack of Instructions, Fighting between fellow allied Creatures, Water.

Anger reaction: Will go on a Rampage, attacking all Creatures it encounters until killed.

Lair: None. Golems have no need for sleeping quarters. They can simply stand.

Obtainable By: Creature, or possibly Neutral. Methods Unknown - Ritual? Chance Encounter? Specific type of Research?

How Introduced: Open to Ideas. Possibly encountered as a statue outside an ancient chamber, and interference awakes it? I honestly don't know, I'm better at characters/creatures than story ideas (though maybe that's for you to judge).

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] The Earth creaks, and dust falls from the ceiling...

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Exposed to Water?

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] n/a (that I can immediately think of)
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Dec 27, 2011
Not that i have read alot in the past, but i saw some golems suggested in the forum already while i was looking through it the last 2 weeks.

I think the size of the golem could be a problem or the damage could be lowered because he looks pocket sized :D
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