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[Creature] Headless Gaoler; [Room] Gaol

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Witch Doctor
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Dec 28, 2012
Under a killing Spoon
Here's an idea I had earlier, concerning the imprisonment of creatures, and a creature to go with it. Creature first:

Name: Headless Gaoler

Preface: A creature connected to the prison/Gaol (see below) room, it has a cool and unique role in the dungeon, and what I believe to be a useful combat role – to literally pull in enemies who'd rather stay away. Visually inspired by Agni and Rudra from DMC3

Appearance image:

Thanks Nutter for the new picture!


Health: High
Armor: High
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: Average
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: Very stupid
Construction: Above average
Training Rate: Below average
Training Cost: High
Wage: Above average
Gender: Probably male

Level 1: Punch - Melee
Level 3: Hook Slash – Melee Upgrade; Hookshot – Ranged, pulls creature into melee. Victim is NOT affected by any hazards present in the squares it is pulled through. Can also pull fallen creatures in, so they can start hauling them back to the Gaol.
Level 5: Headless Bash – Knocks the enemy down and stuns them.
Level 8: Wail – Taunts nearby creatures into attacking the Headless Gaoler in melee, causes fleeing creatures to slow down to a crawl.
Level 10: Lockdown – Keeps a single creature from moving completely, and disables their ranged abilities and spells. Only affects one target at a time.

Weaknesses/Resistances: Strong against Slashing, Blunt, and Poison. Weak against Lightning and Ice.

Information: Perhaps a long-lost, warped cousin to the Augre, or a completely unrelated, hell-spawned creature, it's specifically linked to the Prison/Gaol room, uniquely helping with several aspects of running it – it's the only creature other than the Blood Imp that'll drag fallen enemies into the Gaol, and corpses into the Graveyard, if it has nothing better to do.
If there's in fact some sort of capture tag mechanic like in Evil Genius, it'll more than happily slap the victim silly, and start hauling it back to the home base, confident in its truckload of health and defense to ensure a successful capture.
It also has the cool combat role of pulling those pesky ranged attackers and support creatures into the thick of melee, and keeping all the attention on themselves.

Appearance: A headless, heavily muscled, brown-skinned humanoid with chains wrapped around its arms, and around its waist. When it eats, a mysterious hole just opens in its neckstump, and it just shovels food into it. As it levels up, goes to the Foundry to attach select pieces to itself. At level 3, attaches hooks to the ends of its chains. At level 5, gets a large armored gorget. At level 8, a head-shaped trinket with glowing eyes, made of iron, hangs from the chain around its waist. At level 10, several more chains wrap around its body, with large locks dangling from them in several places.

Behavior in Dungeon: Wanders around, especially near the Gaol, Torture Chamber, and Foundry. Tends to avoid the Archive and Sanctuary, hangs out with Augres.

Battle Style: Tank/Support. At level 1, they just wade into melee and hit things. If an enemy is specifically marked for capture, they'll start hauling them back to the Gaol, even if the battle still rages. As soon as they hit level 3, they hang back, pull in an opponent that would prefer to stay at range, and starts wailing on them. As soon as they hit Level 5, if there are several suitable targets for pulling in, they'll stun their primary target, and pull in another one. They will also try to pull in fleeing enemies. At level 8, they try to pull as many enemies as possible. At level 10, they lock down what they percieve to be the most dangerous target.

Jobs: Training, Construction, Hauling fallen enemies into the Gaol, hauling corpses into the Graveyard, feeding imprisoned creatures if the „feed prisoners“ option is on.

Loves: Taunting imprisoned creatures, jabbing torture victims, hanging out with Augres.

Hates: Researching, smart creatures, wimpy creatures.

Anger reaction: Starts setting imprisoned creatures and torture victims free, then leaves when there are none left, using Wail to slow down friendly creatures along the way, if able.

Lair: An iron chair with a high back, decorated with a head on top, so it looks like the Gaoler actually has a head while sleeping.

Obtainable By: Creature from portal, may hang out in neutral rooms.

Attracted by: Foundry, 5x5 Gaol

How Introduced: In a mission where it is absolutely necessary to capture and torture/convert at least one, if not several key enemies, in a 7x7 neutral room with a 5x5 Gaol in the middle, and Foundry around the edges.

Torture: Forces the Headless Gaoler's neckstump open, and alternately pours molten iron and ice cold water in.

Advisor Quotes: A Headless Gaoler has joined your cause, Underlord. These black-hearted creatures are deaf to the wails and screams of the imprisoned, for they have no ears. However, they also show surprising cunning in battle, preferring to pull vulnerable opponents to themselves, so they can drag them off, kicking and screaming, into their beloved pit of claustrophobic despair.

Name: Gaol
As prison, so yes, buildable.Cost: As prison.
Information: Remember how in DK1, every single tile of prison was usable, but you got your creatures just passing through and mingling with the prisoners, so they limited it to the middle tiles in DK2? This is my proposal on how to remedy this, and have every single tile of the room useful for holding prisoners again. See the appearance section below.
Function: It's the prison. It also has the option to turn auto-feeding prisoners on, so they don't die of starvation, unless you want them to.
Wall Decoration: Chains and manacles hang from the wall, with spikes below the grate, to keep prisoners from trying to climb up the wall, like in the Combat Pit in DK2.
Appearance: Now comes the good part – the room is basically a big ol' deep pit, with the floor being a grate of iron bars. The imprisoned creatures are in the pit beneath the floor, while friendly creatures walk on top. The floor goes transparent if the player hovers their hand over it, to help visibility. For the lolz, creatures may cast spells on the imprisoned creatures below, like the spiders in DK1, mock them, or even spit or piss on them.
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Witch Doctor
WFTO Backer
Dec 28, 2012
Under a killing Spoon
Will they also 'guard' the prisoners like the spiders did in DKI?
The idea is that other types of creatures would hang around the Gaol when they have nothing better to do, but yeah. The Headless Gaoler would generally try to stick as close to the Gaol as possible, being the happiest if both the Foundry and the Torture Chamber were next door, so they can guard the prisoners even when engaged in their other idle activities.

Jeff D

WFTO Backer
Jan 4, 2013
Sounds like a cool creature - i have one question - is the Gaol Room a replacement for the prison or could the Headless Gaol maybe just use the prison, i like a prison to be called a prison - that's all =)


Witch Doctor
WFTO Backer
Dec 28, 2012
Under a killing Spoon
I thought it'd be new and different if the prison was called something different - the workshop has become the foundry, and the temple has become the sanctuary, so why can't the prison be the Gaol? :p It can be called the prison, sure. I just wanted to share my idea on how to make every single tile available for imprisoning creatures, to make it new and different, and yet effective.


WFTO Founder
Dec 1, 2012
Surrey, laughing at how rubbish Sussex is.
This seems like a pretty cool origional idea for a creature, I think it fits in fairly well with the thus far mostly original creature set that we have seen. I also think it seems fairly well balanced, I'd have a few in my dungeon, yet wouldn't flood my dungeon with em like the black knight. I prefer the name prison when it comes to the room though. I don't like the idea of this creature sharing the actual name of a room, any more than I would support the workshop beast, the lair lurker, or the scavenger room scavenger :p


Ember Demon
WFTO Founder
Apr 20, 2012
Worthing, West Sussex
Sounds like a cool creature - i have one question - is the Gaol Room a replacement for the prison or could the Headless Gaol maybe just use the prison, i like a prison to be called a prison - that's all =)
In case you didn't realise, Gaol is just an archaic/medieval spelling of Jail


WFTO Backer
Dec 15, 2012
Very well thought out and presented and I am so glad this game has brought ideas and a community together to think up stuff like this and if the developers decided to put this in I would be happy enough as I always liked the SPiders "disciplining" the prisoners... but Spiders I did not like as they were average at best and not very fierce looking but a headless monster at this looks just fantastic!


WFTO Founder
Dec 25, 2011
For the creature, I'm not fussy on the headless design but I really like the concept of him carrying them to gaol.

Any new prison HAS to be called gaol!
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