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[Creature] Headless Horseman

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Apr 13, 2012
Name Headless Horseman

Preface I mean not actually on a horse, think the dismounted horseman from Sleepy Hollow, with Johnny Depp in it

Appearance image:


Health: High. He's a tough SOB
Armor: Fur Armour
Movement Speed: Slow. Walks with a heavy step
Attack strength: High
Attack speed: Medium
Intelligence: Low. He has no brain, just Bloodlust!
Construction: Nil
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Medium
Gender: Male

Skills: Just Melee at low levels, at medium/high levels gets a jackolantern for a head, which he can take off and throw at enemies that explodes like a grenade. He can only use it once, and can regenerate it by sleeping. Perhaps, once he reaches high levels, the jackolantern is engulfed in flame constantly

Weaknesses/Resistances: Resistant to Dark, Slash and blunt attacks, weak to electric and light. Immune to poison (He's undead)

Information: I just thought he would be a cool alternative to the Black Knight. Tough in Melee, few abilities, likes to train and kill things. Also walking around with a flaming head would be cool

Appearance: I was thinking black leather clothing, black gloves, fights with a long sword. Maybe they all have Pumpkin heads? Who knows! Whatever works!

Behavior in Dungeon: He likes to train. Perhaps other creatures can prank him by removing his head and hiding it places, leaving him blind and annoyed. He clearly has a drinking problem (He has no mouth to injest alcohol) so at the tavern, it just kinda flows out of the pumpkin onto his clothing. He likes to hang out with other training/combat type creatures, and loves nothing more than claiming the heads of fallen enemies!

Battle Style: Tank. Can only take on one enemy at a time, but can suck up a ton of abuse before going down.

Jobs: Trains, Drinks, Kills

Loves: The thrill of victory. Maybe gets in bar fights to cheer himself up when annoyed.

Hates: Researching or boring, menial tasks that are in no way related to beheading foes.

Anger reaction: Seeks out combat if enemies are around, which instantly brightens his day. If not, picks on smaller, less important creatures.

Lair: A small Pumpkin patch? A Throne?

Obtainable By: Creature, comes from portal. etc.)

Attracted by: Training room/combat pit or some equivalent. Only comes once he knows battle is an option. (IE, you can only attract him after you've killed a certain number of enemies
How Introduced: After a particularly kill heavy mission, the horseman decides he likes you and will pledge his sword to such a worthy underlord!
Jan 7, 2012
Sorry, but I dont like it...
The headless horsemen doesnt fit in the role of an creature which exist multiple times, riding through dungeons.
Its more like an unique classic horror related ghost which lives in a forest, Its like having a bird-monster in the dungeon - it just sounds wrong...
Apr 13, 2012
Danzingtree, I was thinking he would be dismounted, not on a horse. Just walking around the dungeon. I didn't think there would be any mounted units in the game.

I was thinking a role similar to the Black Knight, sucks up a lot of damage, dishes it out too.


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Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
Torturing method: straps you down, then walks to your head, grabs it and is trying to tear it off (animation could be like your neck is being turned in many unpleasant angles)
edit - I understood it bad probably as torturing method I thought is method with which minion is tirtuing another, not being tortured...

Yeah, not directly a dungeon minion...


Blood Imp
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Feb 22, 2013
meh i don't see this as being possible since hes got no intelligence why would he want money or a sword? then again you could always forcefully weld a sword on a arm like the other one with the hammer arm....

or better yet make him a summon for cultists at level 10


Jan 11, 2012
You can't slap headless horseman the way you want.
Now, I wouldn't be so sure! If I was of a certain persuasion (or two), I could think of a few OTHER places to smack dat horseman.

Now that you've been scarred for life, I'll be serious: I really don't see this fitting in the dungeon thematically (and by the way, you could call it a Dullahan, which I think is the proper term). The mechanics and abilities, however, sound fun. A powerful one-shot ability that you need to rest to recover? Sounds like a different way to balance out a power than usual, and it could lead to some interesting Secret Levels (such as a dungeon where doors you can't open close behind you after you've rested in the room)...

If you could find a different creature to give these stats and the basic ability concept to, that'd be good. Note, though, for future reference: The developers seem to want about 3 activated abilities per creature and 1-3 passive abilities. So... Feel free to be creative about that.
Jun 27, 2012
Sorry I just dont see it in this creature.

Especially considering that he's called a headless HORSEMAN without a horse. It just wouldn't fit in.
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