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[Creature] Kappa

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Jul 22, 2012
Name: Kappa

Preface: I think that kappas are so cool looking and I have a idea about a interesting way of putting them in!

Appearance image:

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Medium
Armor: High ( They do have shells)
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: Semi-low ( Not really medium,but not low)
Attack speed: Medium
Intelligence: Low ( Not stupid,but horrible at researching)
Construction: Medium
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: High
Wage: Low
Gender: Male

Level 1:Melee
Level 3: Disperse ( Makes the kappa go into his shell increasing his defense and makes him heal faster,but can't attack or move)
Level 6: Drown ( The kappa basically holds on to someone while in the water and slowly drowns them. Of course the enemy can escape if they are stronger.)
Utility skills:
Skill: Dive ( They can go underwater and hide. Good for a ambush.)
Skill: Swim ( It is obvious! They can swim in deep water and the like.)
Skill: Watery strength ( When in water there attacks get doubled!)

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weak: Fire and Ice
Resistant: Blunt and slash ( Anything that involves physical hits)

Information: Well kappas are notable because they are used for stealth missions and ambushes if there is water nearby. Sadly on land they are clunky and awkward looking. They can also be used as normal infantry if you like because they are mildly good fighters on land. They also have good manners when facing a opponent,but that can also be bad because of the water on there head. Lets say that you are a kappa fighting someone,if they bow,you are respectful and bow back....... and now your precious water has poured out! You can also trick a kappa with there favorite food cucumbers ( Kappas think that cucumbers are to DIE for!).

Appearance: Well as seen in the picture above you can see what the kappa looks like,but you notice that they have a bowl of water on there head. You see that is a kappas life source! If the bowl gets emptied they will die within a couple of seconds! They are weak when they are dried out.

Behavior in Dungeon: Well they are imps and we all know what imps like to do on there free time......They play pranks on other monsters! They also like to just lay down in watery places and eat cucumbers.

Battle Style: They are like tanks with there heavy armor,but are weak if there is only one of them. Two or three of them are strong. They tend to get to places where the enemy can't see them.

Jobs: Guarding,Ambushing,Scouting

Loves: They love cucumbers,Being honorable,not running away,playing pranks,and other kappas

Hates: Hate units that like magic (Muscle is more manly to them),Being caught for a prank,Being humiliated

Anger reaction: Go berserk and challenge STRONGER monsters to fight him.

Lair: A swamp or watery place in general(Maybe some eaten cucumbers in there.)

Obtainable By: The portal

Attracted by: Water (and cucumbers)

How Introduced: In a mission with lots of water and strategy.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] They come out on all fours with water dripping from them

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