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[Creature] Maskdancer

What do you think of this creature?

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Nov 14, 2011
Name Maskdancer


Health: Below Average
Attack: High
Armour: Low
Accuracy: Moderate
Agility: High
Speed: High
Luck: Low
Recovery Rate: Average
Intelligence: Low
Construction: Low
Training Rate: Average
Training Cost: Above Average
Wage: Above Average
Gender: Female

Level 1: Melee
Level 3: Crescent Kick
The Maskdancer kicks in an 180 degree arc in front of her. Units hit by this will be knocked back 2 squares while taking minor damage.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Level 5: Leap
The Maskdancer does an acrobatic flip, landing on a nearby tile.
Maximum range - 5 tiles
Minimum range - 3 tiles
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Level 7: Whirling Dervish
The Maskdancer twirls around and spins uncontrollably, blades out. She will immediately twirl towards an enemy, and once hit, she will twirl to another. Each bump will do Below Average damage, she will stop after four enemies have been hit.
5 tile radius
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Level 10: Last Laugh
Maskdancer leaps from unit to unit for 20 seconds, knocking them back in an acrobatic display. Each knockback does moderate damage and moderate knockback throw force to the affected target.

Information: The Maskdancers are quiet, reserved beings with a vaguely human apperance. They do not talk, they do not sing, and the only facial expression ever shown is the small, dark smile formed by the black lips of their masks. In fact, the only noise ever made by these creatures is their bone-chilling maniacal laugh. They enjoy laughter and madness.

Behavior in Dungeon: She enjoys Taverns so she can listen to stories and laugh, enjoying the overall disorder of the place. She will also put on small performances, which will raise the overall happiness and productivity of everyone in the Tavern. The Training area is also a favorite place of hers. She loves mischief, though she will never partake in it. She has a deep hatred of people who are ignorant of the arts, especially vikings, trolls, and Bile Demons. (I know they aren't included, just an example.) She also hates maidens, being the goodie-two-shoes that they are.

Battle Style: Flanker
She flips over enemy armies and attacks from the back. It's best to have a group of these, as they will go down quickly if they are the focus of enemy attention

Jobs: Training, Entertaining in the tavern.

Obtainable By: Creature, Conversion

Hates: Ignorant creatures, Libraries, Maidens

Loves: Mischief, Madness, Taverns.

Anger reaction: She will disorganize your library and take a piece of research with her.

Lair: The Lair should look like a fine bed with purple and gold sheets, it should only take up one square.

Appearance: *Puts on bash helmet* "Here goes.."

How Introduced: Early-Mid game

Attracted by: Tavern, Training Room

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Rose petals and blades fly out, after which she leaps out herself.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Slaps her in the face with the works of Shakespeare
Nov 14, 2011
I do not like the concept of this at all. Seems very, very weird.
How is it any weirder than my other suggestions?
It's basically a dancing Harlequin, which I though was kind of cool.
Well, even if you don't like the concept, what about the abilities?

Just looked at the poll...
That was kind of mean Mothy. :(
Nov 14, 2011
I agree with Moth on the concept. Kinda weird, even for a Creature. Also, the stats kinda remind me of the Ogre for some reason. Though I can see that she has slightly less Health/Armor in exchange for more Speed and Agility.
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