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[Creature] Mimic

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Blood Imp
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Dec 3, 2012
Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Low
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: High
Attack strength: Low from front, High from back
Attack speed: High
Intelligence: Low
Construction: Low
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Medium
Gender: Neither

Level 1: Melee - Normal claw attack, 3x damage from behind with a backstabby animation
Level 3: Blend [Passive, Will blend into floor tiles when not in combat for 3 seconds or when dropped by overlord hand, will try to exit blend with Overload or with backstab when behind enemy]
Level 5: Overload - [High cooldown, needs to be blended, exists stealth with an AoE explosion]
Level 7: Mimic Spell - [Low cooldown, copies the last offensive enemy spell seen and casts it one time]
Level 10: Mimic enemy - [high cooldown. Temporarily take the form, attributes and one spell of a nearby enemy, Retains his own abilities. Mimic on an enemy worker does not expire]

Weaknesses: None

Information: Excellent ambusher or scout as an imp

Appearance: Either a bipedal insect, or a chameleon-like squid, or a slime, or the classic chest looking mimic. Even a shade like figure

Behavior in Dungeon: Likes to stick to treasure rooms and take the form of a treasure chest.

Battle Style: Tendancy to hide and unhide with an explosion or a backstab. Will prioritize taking the form of an enemy or continuously stealing spells.

Jobs: Sticking into a treasury to maybe increase the flow of gold?

Loves: Exploration, staying in treasure rooms

Hates: Empty treasure rooms

Anger reaction: Stops using his bleding and mimic abilities becoming a useless combat unit.

Lair: The lair could be an open treasure chest.

Obtainable By: Comes through the portal.

Attracted by: Decently filled 5x5 treasure room.

How Introduced: A mission that heavily relies on stealth mechanics, ambushes.

Entrance Effect: An explosion of gold coins from the portal.

Torture: Turns him into all manner of random dungeon objects, excepting a treasure chest
Not open for further replies.
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