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[Creature] Minotaur

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Dec 20, 2011
Name: Minotaur

Health: High
Attack: Medium - High
Armour: Medium
Accuracy: Low - Medium
Agility: Low
Speed: Low
Luck: Medium
Recovery Rate: Low - Medium
Intelligence: Low
Construction: Medium
Training Rate: Medium - High
Training Cost: High
Wage: Medium
Gender: Male

Level 1 - Axe Slash (Melee)
Level 4 - Tremor Stomp
Stomps the ground, stunning the enemies standing closest to him similar to if they are hit by Lightning Bolt. Cooldown: 15 seconds
Level 8 - War Bellow
The minotaur bellows loudly, causing the minotaur and friendly creatures close to it, to have their Attack and Speed heightened one degree for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds

Information: A half-human, half-bull mutant, the minotaur is incredibly warlike and also won't hesitate in eating its fallen victims.

Behavior in Dungeon: The minotaur walks around slowly, mostly training and fighting in the combat pit. It can work with manufacturing as well, however it is not exactly its preferred job unless it can't train.

Battle Style: [Blocker] When there aren't more victims to kill, it will sometimes begin eating a corpse unless it is not taken to a prison, regaining health but thereby removing the corpse.

Manufacturing (to a degree)

Obtainable By: Creature from portal.

Hates: Knights (any kind)

Loves: Gorgons/Medusas (or whatever they would be called if they're included),

Anger reaction: Default

Lair: A few polished stones


How Introduced: The bull-headed minotaur has entered your cause. He is an excellent combatant, but be wary: he tends to eat his victims if your [imp equivalent] don't take them away...

Attracted by: Combat pit (and/or perhaps prison). Also, if you have a "labyrinthine" dungeon it is attracted even more.

Entrance Effect: Lava-like glowing coils, spinning around the minotaur as it climbs up.


WFTO Founder
Dec 9, 2011
North Devon, England
Yes please, I've always liked the Minotaur as a mythological creature and was forever disappointed that it was never included in Dungeon Keeper. I think it's a must in this game personally, I kind of see it as an evil version of the Viking and think he would be it's ideal enemy.

The thought of seeing a Minotaur and Viking lock axes in bloody battle gives me goosebumps. :D
Feb 10, 2012
i love it, they live in dungeons so it's perfect. . .i can see myself getting frustrated with it eating all my precious corpses but if that's the cost of having a badass minatour on my side, so be it. . .btw it should definately have a cleave! and a charge?
also since the minotaur in mythology was in a laberynth, maybe the size of your dungeon could have an effect on wether or not it joins you?


Jan 11, 2012
Sorry for the slight off-topicness, but I think the unit being replaced by that description is the Troll. That was your basic manufacturing unit in the Dungeon Keeper series. The Bile Demon just happened to be a powerful fighter that also visited workshops if bored.

Personally, I think a big axe fits the Minotaur best, or perhaps him fighting as an unarmed opponent using his claws and goring people on his horns... and throwing people. That's just me.


WFTO Backer
Nov 29, 2011
perhaps his weapons could work on a "stance" kind of principle, he gets 2 abilitys, one called axe, and one called mace, when he uses either ability, he pulls out that weapon and uses it from then on untill he uses a different stance, it would need a few mins cooldown on all stances, the axe could give him an attack speed boost and a slight cleave effect whereas the hammer could give increased damage and a short stun? the effects of either weapons are ofc, up for debate, there just the kind of effects of the 2 weapons i see hapening. if youw anted to get really compliccated you could make it so that when the minotaur enters your dungeon you pick between giving him an axe or a hammer and make the differences a bit mroe extreme, they could even have a different set of abilitys, the axe wielder could be slightly more combat oriented whereas the hammer wielder could be able to manufacture and would be mroe defensive.
i think a charge and impale ability goes without saying as well, this is such a key aspect of a bull, which is half of this creature. an idea for this would be the charge ability i suggested for the ogre, for the benefit of the reader ive pre-edited the word ogre out of it.
another idea for an ability would be a charge. he runs at the target, building speed and damage for every tile he crosses while charging, the higher the speed he has reached the further he will continue to run after hitting his initial target. when he hits a creature there is a small chance that it will be carried along with the minotaur. if they reach a wall the creature will will be stunned and recieve damage depending on how fast they were going. if the minotaur hits a wall and is not carrying a creature the minotaur will be stunned. the charge will hit and be able to pick up freindly and hostile creatures.
another point would be that any targets he hits after he has picked one up will recieve damage but cant be picked up. this would work in the same way as a lfd2 charger.
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