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[Creature] Nightwalker

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Jan 8, 2012
Name Nightwalker

Preface: Your dungeon is filled with nightmare creatures, so why not the essence of nightmares themselves?

Appearance image:


Health: Medium
Armor: Low. These are thin spectres with little in the way of protection.
Movement Speed: Medium
Attack strength: Medium
Attack speed: High
Intelligence: High
Construction: Low
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Medium
Gender: N/A


Nightwalkers hover in the air at all times, and as such are able to pass over water, lava, and certain traps without harm.

Level 1: Melee
Level 2:
Level 3: Sleep (stun)
Level 4:
Level 5: Soulless (Light melee attack that lowers enemy stats)
Level 6: Nightmare (ranged poison attack)
Level 7: Shifter (A flickering kind of teleport that will transport the nightwalker anywhere on your claimed land)
Level 8: Dark spectre (A stun spell that saps the enemy and restores some of the nightwalker's health)
Level 9:
Level 10: Sleepwalk (Turns the victim against their allies for a short time)

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weak to light, resistant to stun and electric attacks.

Information: The nightwalker is literally the stuff of nightmares. While initially weak in battle, they are of great help when trained and paired with creatures that will take full advantage of a stunned opponent. Drifting through your dungeon halls they add a nice sense of despair anywhere that they go, and make excellent researchers and explorers.

Appearance: Nightwalkers appear to be ghostly skeletons draped in a long black cloak, with the the terrifying visage of a distorted clown for a face. Tall and lanky they cut an imposing figure, even when drifting ethereally down a hall. While slow in their regular movements, a quick burst of speed to complete their task is more than within their grasp; they accomplish this by simply flickering out of being in one place and appearing in another.

Behavior in Dungeon: Nightwalkers add a sense of ambiance to any growing dungeon, and are well aware of it; when idle they will wander the halls, instilling a delicious sense of dark pride in those who share a dungeon with the very essence of bad dreams.

Battle Style: Support?

Jobs: Nightwalkers make excellent researchers.

Loves: Being hated.

Hates: Converted 'goody two-shoes' type heroes (fairies etc).

Anger reaction: When angered a Nightwalker will unhinge its jaw and scream with mouth wide open, then teleport far away from you (regardless of level and whether or not it has this ability yet, as anger fuels them).

Lair: A child's bed that the Nightwalker looms over.

Obtainable By: Portal creature.

Attracted by: A very large den.

How Introduced: Regular portal entry.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Sound of children screaming.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Shining a torch in the Nightwalker's face.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Congratulations Underlord, a passing Nightwalker has pledged itself to your cause! Lured by the siren-song of many sleeping creatures, this dark spectre will make an excellent addition to your dungeon.

Well there you have it; a lot more straight-forward than my Hive suggestion! :D
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